Consumer Buying Behaviour

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Definition: Consumer Buying Behaviour

Consumer buying behaviour is the result of the attitudes, preferences, intentions and decisions made by the consumer s in a market place before buying a product. The study of consumer buying behaviour is an interdisciplinary subject area drawing widely from sociology, psychology, anthropology etc.

Standard Buying Process

The buying behaviour can be broken down into a series of tasks.

1. Problem recognition: During this stage, the consumer becomes aware of an unfulfilled need or want. For example, his old laptop may be broken and a need arises for a new laptop.

2. Information search: in this stage, the consumer gathers information relevant to solving his problem. Example, collection of information about various laptop models.

3. Evaluation: The various alternatives are evaluated against the consumer’s wants needs, preferences, financial resources etc.

4. Purchase: In this stage, the consumer will commit to a particular choice and make the final decision. The choice maybe influenced by price and availability.

5. Post purchase evaluation: In this stage, the consumer evaluates whether the purchase actually satisfied her need or not.

Types of Buying Behaviour

1. Complex: High degree of consumer involvement with significant brand differences. Eg:- Cars.

2. Dissonance Reducing: High degree of involvement with little brand differences. Eg:- Carpeting

3. Habitual: Low involvement with little brand difference. Eg:- Salt

4. Variety seeking: Low involvement with significant perceived brand difference. Eg:-Chocolates


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