TATA Nano : Khushiyon Ki Chaabi

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 19, 2010

It is every persons dream to live a life which is full of unbounded happiness. Marriage, children, love for elders form an emotional part in every person’s life. But materials too are an integral part for satisfaction and happiness. A home, money all form a part of happiness in a person’s life. But the dream of being the proud owner of a car in the lower middle class Indian family was fulfilled by automobile giants Tata Motors in the form of a small adorable package- Tata Nano.

TATA Nano recently launched their latest commercial in india. The ad looks fresh and perfect. The advertisement showcases all the features of Nano in great detail.Lets have a look at the ad.



The ad starts with a little girl eagerly awaiting for something and keeps on looking out for it and then Nano comes into the picture. The girl is ecstatic and runs to receive her new car which her dad is driving home.

On the way to home, the ad shows a lot of features of TATA Nano.For example, people comment on its space. Also the car is shown to easily glide through rough terrain-typical rural Indian terrain.

Finally when it comes in the porch of the home, all people are shown to stand still and take notice of the yellow colored car. The little girl admires it but then she realizes that all are looking at it. She takes out a little ‘Kajal’ from her eye and puts it on the car to protect it from bad omen and evil as per the Indian traditions.


This was the story but now let’s look at it from the marketing perspective. If you see the ad carefully,you will observe that the place is not a big city(or even a city) but is a small Indian town. This sets the positioning of Nano straight from the beginning. The backgrounds used are very simple.Lot of focus has been put on Nano rather than other things. All the people shown in the ad belong to the middle class and are mostly using scooter or bike for their transportation. This depicts the typical target audience for Tata Nano. The Ad shows the features of the car in high detail as discussed above.

The full campaign has a very interesting tag line ‘Khushiyon Ki Chabi’(Key to Happiness) which goes very well with the Ad.

Tata Nano was launched to fill the gap between the two wheeler segment and the four wheeler segment.  It was manufactured by Tata Motors Limited as a venture which could help people in the lower middle class of the Indian society to realise their dream of owning a vehicle. Tata Nano which came in the news for being priced at Rs 1 Lakh only gained popularity in the Indian automobile segment. It also created tremendous goodwill, publicity and generated a lot of buzz when it was launched in 2009. Tata Nano was a breakthrough not only in the Indian automboile market but it also created huge waves in the global market.

So this ad is a welcome move from TATA which was missing in the earlier marketing campaigns involving Nano. Earlier campaigns involved press conferences,events,print ads and digital ads but TV ad was missing.The TV ad has better reach because of its penetration in rural markets.

Like every celebration and festival, which fills the lives of millions with colors and joy, similarly the small dream car Tata Nano brings unbounded happiness and open the door to bliss with its khushiyon ki chaabi.

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