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Brand Manchester United : A Theatre of Dreams

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Football. The most popular sport in the whole world with a fan following of more than a billion people. All you need is a football to play this glorious game. Football is played across the globe and such huge is the popularity that, on one hand people play with a proper gear and in some places even rags of rolled paper, plastic bottles or tennis balls solve the purpose. And there is one name which has touched the pinnacle in the world of football across borders- Manchester United.


Manchester United


Manchester United, based in the city of Manchester in England, is the biggest football club in world football with an estimated value of over $1.85 billion. Manchester United brand is estimated with a brand equity of $285 million and trademark & copyright of intellectual property of about $300 million.  It has a tremendous fan following across the globe by virtue of its historical and strong brand presence. Manchester United is one brand which has managed to bring people close to football by removing geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers.


As a brand, Manchester United is one of the most popular and recalled name in the field of sports. Formed in 1878 under the name Newton Heath LYR, the Manchester United Football Club (MUFC), is popularly known by names like Red devils which showcases their elegant, energetic and ruthless game in their red jerseys. The stadium of Manchester United at Old Trafford with a capacity of around 75000 spectators is known as 'The Theatre of Dreams' as it has seen footballers turn into legends of the game.


Manchester United was like any other football team but it rose from the ashes to become a global power brand after the Munich air tragedy where most of the champion team players died. The team was rebuilt from a scratch and due to its strong foundation and great players, it emerged a winner. Manchester United has won many accolades under the leadership of manager Sir Alex Fergusen who has won titles like English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, FIFA Club World cup Football championship, Community Shield etc.


Manchester United also grew as a global brand because the legendary players which played for the club were popular sportsmen and were crowd favorites. Names like Sir Bobby Charlton, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Eric Cantonna, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney etc. are brands themselves. All players from different countries playing as a united force gives presents the club as a strong unified team. Thus, their presence in the club made the brand positioning of Manchester United as an elegant, energetic, lethal and strong football club.


Such strong is the brand presence of Man Utd, that other giant brands associate themselves with them. Some brands which were associated as sponsors and partners were Audi, Sharp, Umbro, Nike, AIG, AON, Vodafone etc. Manchester United as a brand also generates revenue of millions of dollars every year from merchandise and fashion accessories like t-shirts, jerseys, caps, watches etc. Moreover, exclusive Manchester United cafes also showcase the power of this brand. Thus, a brand like ManU also cuts across global borders while reaching out to football fanatics.

Even other English giants like Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool are gaining in markets like Asia because of the brand equity of Manchester United.

From children to adults, from the rich to the poor; people living in every corner of the world are fascinated by the dynamic, strong, fast and magical game of football. But there is one brand which gives strength, magic and beauty to this wonderful sport- Manchester United.

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