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Green IT- A Step Towards Saving the Environment December 24, 2015

Now a days there is lot of buzz around us to produce eco-friendly products that do not impact our environment. But not only products degrades our environment, every activity includes carbon emission that jeopardize our environment, whether it is washing, having food, travelling etc. Today, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere increases by more than 3 million tons per annum (0.04%) compared with the existing amount. This increase is the result of human activities by burning fossil fuels, deforestation and forest degradation in tropical and boreal regions. In the publication Climate Change 2001 it is stated that “Since about 1750 human activity has increased the concentration of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Following chart shows Top-10 cumulative energy-related CO2 emitters between 1850–2008


E-Commerce Startups- A Bubble in the Making December 18, 2015

It is not a hidden fact that E- Commerce companies have taken the world by storm. Having conquered the west, now, they are out to capture the Indian market and the way things are going the future looks hopeful, to say the least. Lots of investment is being made in the sub-continent and the investors are aware of the potential of India’s booming internet market place.


Make in India- An I.T. Perspective December 14, 2015

When it comes to sourcing India is the world’s largest sourcing destination for the information Technology (IT) industry, accounting for approximately 52% of the US market according to IBEF. IT or IT enabled services sector is the biggest recruiter of India employing nearly more than 35 lakh employees from India. It has not only changed the global platform but also improved the economic growth by boosting the higher education sector especially in engineering and computer science. India itself has huge potential market and opportunity from an IT and BPM point of view. India has to leverage on that in the upcoming years. India has immense advantage, developments and competency in the IT sector attracting Foreign Direct Investment in huge number but as our Prime Minister said, “FDI should be First Develop India rather than Foreign Direct Investment”.


Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers December 11, 2015

In this article we would look at some important interview questions for business analyst profile. Business Analyst is a role in which a person analyses business processes or a specific area to enable business decision e.g. launching anew IT system, upgrade, product launch etc. Business Analyst has to review, assess, and develop the business processes. The focus is on the effective use of resources, both people and technology. He has to be an expert in business-planning, analyze the requirement and translate the business requirements into system deployments and/or business process changes.  He acts as a change agent to help facilitate effective deployments/modifications to current practices.


Supply Chain Disruptions - Managing the Threats December 08, 2015

A Supply Chain Disruption is an occasion that may happen in any piece of the chain and reasons undesired effects on its accomplishment of destinations and execution. Disruptions refer to events described by a low probability of event and a substantial effect. On account of their restricted and sudden rate of event, interruptions are connected with a high instability regarding their normal effect.


The E-Commerce War - A Double Edged Sword December 02, 2015

‘The only thing constant in this world is change’.

One sort of change happened in 1998 in India too and that was E-commerce. The first E-commerce company in India was set up in 1998 in the name FabMall. E-commerce took a 360◦ turn with the advent of Internet in 1990s and expanding through various business aspects it evolved to trade also-


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