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Meaning Behind the IPL Team Logos

IPL or the Indian Premier League is a time of festivities for cricket lovers across the world and especially India. There is huge support for the teams, noisy stadiums, joy for winners, sorrow for losers and colorful streets across the largest democracy in the world. Here is presenting a fabulous list of the “Meaning” and story behind the logos of the IPL teams. The logos used here are for representation purpose only & are a property of their respective teams.


Top Job Portals for MBAs in India

Jobs are the most important aspect of taking admission in MBA. From sales & marketing, to finance jobs, to HR managers to a variety of other management and strategy profiles, jobs are on the top priority of MBA's. Here are some of the best job portals in India.


10 Amazing Product Ideas

Many a times we come across products that may be simple or complicated but they are amazing. We have a list of 10 such amazing products.

The products in this list are not only amazing but many of them have changed many lives for good with just a simple idea.

If you know any similar amazing products leave a comment below.


8 Interesting Marketing Campaigns in India

India is a huge market when it comes to sheer size. Lot of products are launched and are advertised. Lots of marketing campaigns are launched along with the products but there are few which people really connect with and remember for long time. 

Here is a list of such campaigns


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