Meaning of Logos of Different Brands

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Because every single time when we see a picture we try to associate it with some other things (human mind works this way only) successful marketers come up with logo so that when we see the logo we are reminded of the brand and the values that it promises to deliver. It enhances a company’s perspectives to get brand recognition, logos also translate in a subtle manner the mission and vision of the company. So here is a list of ten brand logos and the meaning behind.



This Tata logo is used by over 100 operating companies of Tata Group in more than 80 countries. Founded long back in 1868 this multinational conglomerate encompasses seven business sectors: energy , chemicals, communications and IT, engineering, consumer products, services and materials.

The logo was created by a London based famous brand consultancy firm Wolff Olins. This logo came out when in 1998 the company went through a re-branding phase to review the business.

The Tata logo stands for fluidity and its blue color represents prosperity, reliability and strength. The symbol is also said to signify a fountain where knowledge comes from, or such a tree under which shelter is provided to people.



The leading FMCG giant Dabur which describe itself as an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer has switched from its previous logo the Banyan tree to a new one.

The new logo is actually a slight and subtle transformation of the previous one while retaining the essence of the previous one. The image projected by new logo is that of modern lifestyle. In the logo three people raising their both arms while conveying exultation in achievement. The broad trunk still connects to the concept of stability of the Banyan tree and the green branches reflects growth.

Walt Disney


The leading animation graphics company in the world, Walt Disney, which owns several theme parks and entertainment studios, has based their logo on the conception of a fairy tale world.

The bizarre design speaks its own language, which focuses on providing quality entertainment to children. It provides parents as well as kids the message to have fun in a fairy-tale atmosphere. Today, it caters to all age groups with highly entertaining cartoons, animations and movies.



The brain child of Bill Gates, Windows, has changed its logos on various times with the release of almost every new operating system. Since this comes under the family of the Graphical User Interface, the logo design is at par with creativity.

The logo for Windows had been depicted throughout the years using a combination of four colors, red, and white, blue, green which showed association in the same order with earth, flora and fauna, water, fire.

The current logo for windows is windows 8 logo, which consists of the iconic four-color wavy flag. It tries to make Windows look like the window instead of looking as a subset of more than one confusing windows.



Nike Inc. which is into the business of sportswear has readily got a powerful logo which is said to be behind its success and brand recognition.

The logo is known as the “Swoosh” and is based on the name of Greek God of victory. The Nike logo is the only popular logo which was generated on such low cost of merely $35. The simple Nike logo expresses the go getter attitude for and it backs its tagline ‘Just Do It’.



Since you were ever amazed by the thought why the symbol and name is like that, do feel enlighten that it is King Herald Bluetooth, in whose memory the technology is named. It was started by the efforts of the Ericcson when an interest group was formed.

To represent the connectivity that Bluetooth creates between two devices the Bluetooth logo adjoins the modern Latin H and B (Haglazl and Berkanan signifying strength and unity). This arrangement provides the users with a safe and powerful connection. It is one of the logos in the world which are both statistically and artistically balanced.



If you had not found till date that why those four ring stand for as a logo, believe me you would seriously not feel disappointed today. The German brand which is a manufacturer of luxury cars with unparalleled interiors.

The logo is also supported by an emblem “Vorsprung durch Technik” which means “Advancement through Technology”. We can see four 3D overlapping rings in the Audi logo. the rings are of polished chrome texture so as to look sharp. And the four ring signifies the 1932 merger of Audi with other companies Horch, DKW, and Wanderer. The ring together are a symbol of unity, power and protection.



The half bitten apple has taken us by awes, everyone wants to know that who ate that part or otherwise why it is in that way? Apple is operating since 30 years and is making its way to farther prosperity. People attached a premium kind of brand value with the apple logo itself.

The Apple logo represents the same apple that Newton encountered and reached on the law of gravity. There is also a news which circulates as rumor that the logo also pays a tribute to Alan M. Turing, the father of Computer Science, who committed suicide after eating a poisoned apple.

MGM Lion


Remember the roaring lion before Tom & Jerry started, yes his name was Leo. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer had used him as seventh Lion to appear on their films.

The Latin words written on the logo “Ars Gratia Artis” makes the meaning of the logo very clear on the front that Art gratifies itself or say Art for Art’s sake.



Unilever, the global FMCG giant has reinvented quite some time back their old logo and in this logo they have assimilated the core values of the company without letting go the structure of U, which stands for Unilever.

They have assimilated 25 icons inside the U which represent something important to Unilever and its business’s diverse portfolio. Hand, Sun, DNA, Spoon, Spices, Heart, Ice-cream, Lips are the prominent one which signifies its business as well.

The arrangement of 25 items inside the U is very well received by brand/logo critics as an example of composite logo, and have appreciated the creativity.

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