Historical Buildings in the World – Then and Now

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Architecture has been the most fascinating area of interest ever since civilizations have existed. From the Mughal Empire to the Romans to Greeks to modern architecture, all have caught the imagination of the world. Construction of huge, imposing, strong yet beautiful buildings is as much as art as is science. It calls for operational excellence, great management skills, sustained training & skilled workforce to execute such marvels. Here are a few grand buildings of historical importance showcasing their images during construction and after completion.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Location: San Francisco, USA

Total length: 2,737 m

Construction begin: January 5, 1933

Construction end: April 19, 1937

Elevation: 67 m, Height: 227 m

2. Eiffel Tower

Location: Paris, France

Construction started: January 28, 1887

Opening Date: 31 March 1889

Height: 301 m

3. Disneyland Castle

Location: California, USA

Height: 23m

Opening Date: July 17, 1955

4. Gateway of India

Location: Mumbai, India

Construction started: 31 March 1911

Opening Date: 4 December 1924

Height: 26m

5. Opera House

Location: Sydney, Australia

Construction started: 2 March 1959

Opening Date: October 20, 1973

Height: 65m

6. Christ Redeemer

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Construction started: 1922

Opened: October 12, 1931

Height: 40 m

7. Statue of Liberty

Location: New York, USA

Construction started: September 1875

Opened: October 28, 1886

Height: 93 m

8. Tower Bridge

Location: London, UK

Construction started: April 22, 1886

Opened: June 30, 1894

Height: 65 m

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