20 Minimalist Ads – Less is More

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The purpose of ad campaigns is to communicate the correct value proposition and core benefit of the product to a customer. Companies spend billions of dollars in making the perfect advertisement for their brand. Brands are promoted through TVCs, online ads, print ads, OOH etc. But sometimes all it takes is a simple yet brilliant concept to showcase the product through simple, fun and dazzling ways.

Here are 20 such brilliant ads which have a minimal communication but say a thousand words.

1. Levis Slim Jeans

Jeans brand “Levis’” came up with an extraordinary ad campaign for its ‘Slim Jeans’ variety. The ads show characters in thin lines apparently ‘wearing’ the Levi’s slim fit jeans! Can’t get slimmer than this!

2. Olay


Cosmetic brand “Olay” has beautifully showcased a clean pristine spotless white background and used keyboard keys. Ctrl+Z on a keyboard is for the “undo” instruction. Olay helps you reverse your age and leave you as perfect and glowing as before.

3. Coca Cola


Cola giant brand Coca Cola’s famous curved glass bottles have been an icon ever since the brand was launched. It is beautifully designed between a knife and a fork, communicating the brand proposition that “let’s eat together” with you Coca Cola!

4. Fedex

Logistics giant Fedex has gracefully shown how it is a global brand with its international logistics network. Using the brand’s purple and orange colors, the ad highlights its international services from the Taj Mahal in India to the Sydney Opera House in Australia!

5. KitKat


Nestle’s KitKat is perhaps one of the most popular chocolate brand with the tagline “Have a break, have a KitKat”. What better way of saying your tagline by representing the KitKat bars as a symbol to ‘pause’ and enjoy a quick wafer snack!

6. Puma


The leap of the Puma Preval brand shows it jumping over obstacles as a fine running shoes. However, in this ad, the Puma jumps right over the ‘Adidas logo’ obstacle!

7. BMW


A superb concept by BMW to urge its customers to use original parts for it's cars, simply by rearranging the letters. As juggling of letters kills the brand name, similarly using fake spare parts also spoils the brand’s performance!

8. Haribo


The famous Haribo ‘Bear’ shaped confectionary comes alive with this ad campaign. The bear simply walks out of the orange, introducing the new orange flavored Haribos!

9. Mc Donalds


Fast-food giant McDonalds has attracted millions of children and customers through its fascinating menu like burgers, wraps and trademark “French Fries”. And with ‘wifi’ being introduced in McDonalds stores, the French fries showcase the wifi signal strength!

10. Heinz


Heinz ketchup, known as one of the finest ketchups in the world, denotes a simple message of producing the best quality ketchup, straight from the finest of tomatoes!

11. Coca Cola Lemon


What happens when cola giant Coca Cola introduces a lemon flavored drink. You simply peel of the lemon cover and curve it into the trademark world famous “C” of the brand Coca Cola. And you get Coca Cola Lemon!

12. Sandisk


Want to store huge data in a very tiny USB pen-drive? Well, Sandisk 16 GB pen-drive ad showcases the concept of saving huge volumes of data in a micro pen-drive!

13. Heineken


Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites have always helped in socializing recently. Before that, since 1873, people, buddies and friends socialized and networked while drinking their ‘Heineken’!

14. Volkswagen


Merging the numbers 4 & 5 elegantly, shows the ease by which the Volkswagen electronic gearbox can help shift gears without a sweat. Easy driving by easy gear shifts by Volkswagen!

15. Sensodyne


Helmets are the ultimate protective wear for safe guarding your skull and brain. And just like helmets, Sensodyne brand shields our precious teeth from gum and decay. Sensodyne protects your teeth like helmets!

16. Canon Powershot


Need a camera for capturing all colors, all events, huge objects, and that too underwater. Well it appears Canon Powershot has showcased this strikingly well where it captures the mighty gigantic blue whale underwater!

17. CNN


CNN news channel brilliantly captures all the news in the world in its “web”. No story ever gets away from CNN.

18. Lego


Toy brand Lego has been a “building block” in every kid’s childhood since the very beginning. The ad simply portrays the Lego building blocks creating the imagination of children - in this case the Gulliver travels story. Lego – the beautiful strong building blocks for every child’s imagination!

19. Bic Pens


With the Eiffel tower standing tall at over 300m, a total of 6 Eiffel tower’s takes it total height to approx 2km. And that is what Bic Pens claim that their pens can write upto 2 km through their creative ad.

20. Pilot Pens


A brilliant ad by Pilot Pen shows its product quality of being “waterproof permanent markers” simply by writing the names of fishes in an aquarium tank. Water Resistant pens by Pilot!

The ads and images used in the article are property of their respective companies/brands. The images here are used for representative/educational purpose.

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