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Origin of Popular Brand Names

Ever thought how a certain brand got its name. What is the origin of names of global brands?

Here is a list of 10 famous brand names and their origins.



11 signs that show you are an MBA

Do you think MBA students or grads have different habits or ways to do things ? Here are 11 signs that show these special traits of MBAs :P


Top Brand Failures due to Differences in Culture

Would a company which is successful in one part of the world, be successful in other part too ? The answer to this question is Maybe or Maybe Not. Apart from difference in countries and geographies, there is one very major difference in different parts of the world i.e Culture.

Here are few examples of brands and businesses which failed because of Culture.


Glocalization Examples - Adapting Locally


In simple words, it is adapting a global product or service to a local market but keeping in mind the taste or preferences of the local customer. Below are few examples which highlight the actual examples of Glocalization used by various companies in different geographies.


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