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Meaning of Logos of Different Brands

Because every single time when we see a picture we try to associate it with some other things (human mind works this way only) successful marketers come up with logo so that when we see the logo we are reminded of the brand and the values that it promises to deliver. It enhances a company’s perspectives to get brand recognition, logos also translate in a subtle manner the mission and vision of the company. So here is a list of ten brand logos and the meaning behind.


Innovative Techniques used by Companies to Hire People

Here are some innovative techniques used by companies to hire people. When hiring comes to mind we mostly think about a discussion, an interview, a group discussion may be but let us see what few other innovative methods have been or are being used.


20 Minimalist Ads – Less is More

The purpose of ad campaigns is to communicate the correct value proposition and core benefit of the product to a customer. Companies spend billions of dollars in making the perfect advertisement for their brand. Brands are promoted through TVCs, online ads, print ads, OOH etc. But sometimes all it takes is a simple yet brilliant concept to showcase the product through simple, fun and dazzling ways.

Here are 20 such brilliant ads which have a minimal communication but say a thousand words.


Historical Buildings in the World – Then and Now

Architecture has been the most fascinating area of interest ever since civilizations have existed. From the Mughal Empire to the Romans to Greeks to modern architecture, all have caught the imagination of the world. Construction of huge, imposing, strong yet beautiful buildings is as much as art as is science. It calls for operational excellence, great management skills, sustained training & skilled workforce to execute such marvels. Here are a few grand buildings of historical importance showcasing their images during construction and after completion.


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