Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in Australia 2015

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Here is a list of the top 10 IT Companies in Australia in 2015. Australia is one of the most powerful economies and growing at a consistent pace. Information Technology sector is also developing well. With a population of 23 million, Australia is a powerful economy which has its presence in UN, Common Wealth. It is one of the top twelve economies in the world.

10. Freelancer Limited

Freelancer Limited, the world’s largest freelancing, crowdsourcing and outsourcing marketplace in terms of number of projects and users, is headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

• Revenue: AUD 26 million

• Market Value: AUD 515.75 million

Freelancer makes client’s business more competitive, reduces cost and accelerates profit and growth. The company was incorporated in January, 2009. It acquired Swedish firm GetAFreelancer in May 2009 after raising an initial funding from Startive Capital. It launched Freelancer Marketplace, a virtual content marketplace in July, 2010. It acquired in November, 2010 and LimeExchange (a former business of Lime Labs LLC) in USA in December, 2010. In June, 2011, a Freelancer contest crowdsourcing platform was launched. Freelancer opened its Initial Public Offering in November, 2013.

The company connects over 15 million employers and freelancers across the globe. Through its marketplace, employers can hire freelancers across the globe to do work in several areas such as writing, data entry and design right through to engineering, software development, sales and marketing, accounting and legal services.

9. NEXTDC Limited

NEXTDC, a leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service (DCaaS) provider in Australia, is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia.

• Revenue: AUD 48 million

• Market Value: AUD 471.02 million

It is revolutionizing hybrid cloud computing in Australia. Mr. Bevan Slattery, one of Australia’s most successful IT and internet entrepreneurs, established the firm in May, 2010 to build and operate carrier and vendor neutral data centers in Australia and New Zealand. NEXTDC’s operations consisted of the acquisition and development of data center facilities and the recruitment of a high-performing team. It got listed on the Australian Stock Exchange after acquiring properties in Brisbane and Melbourne.

NEXTDC Limited designs, builds and operates data centers across Australia. The unique features of its DCaaS model offer a number of value propositions to the clients. In July 2012, NEXTDC announced the general release of ONEDC® customer portal and app, which was a world-first development in the data center industry. It also announced intention to launch Australia’s first listed data-center property fund, the Asia Pacific Data Centre Trust (APDC), to enable NEXTDC to recycle lower-yield assets. In March, 2015, it has announced Beta trial of new ONEDC Data Centre Intelligence SaaS platform.

8. GBST Holdings Limited

GBST Holdings Limited is a software and services provider to the global financial services industry.

• Revenue: AUD 98 million

• Market Value: AUD 376.07 million

It is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. GBST (then Star Systems) was established in Australia and New Zealand in 1984. GBST employs over 470 staffs in offices across Australia, Asia, the UK and the USA. It is also eyeing further penetration into North America and the broader Asian market place. It has 25 years of experience in delivering robust, innovative and reliable solutions for securities processing, capital markets and wealth administration. GBST’s continued investment in product development ensures its unique solutions to deliver unique business benefits to its clients.

GBST provides next generation, model-based software solutions and technology delivering unprecedented flexibility, scalability and efficiency. It also offers fully integrated systems to administer your front to back office needs in real-time. GBST Interactive Design is an award winning team specializing in digital and interactive development for the financial services market. The Syn~ platform is widely known Capital Markets platform. The platform provides a multi-entity, rules and workflow driven solution allowing the clients to make changes as needed without downtime and vendor dependency.

7. Hansen Technologies Limited

The Hansen Technologies Limited, headquartered in Doncaster Victoria, Australia, is a global company.

• Revenue: AUD 86 million

• Market Value: AUD 434.82 million

It specializes in developing, implementing and supporting proprietary customer care and billing solutions for telecommunications, energy and PAY TV service providers in over 45 countries. Hansen Technologies was founded in 1971, and since it has grown into a worldwide, trusted billing and customer care solution and facilities management provider. The Hansen family of products include: ICC, Banner CIS, HUB, Nirvanasoft, Peaceplus, the Utilisoft product set and also offers facilities management and outsourcing services. Presently, it employs more than 400 employees across the globe.

Hansen implemented Peace, the first North American customer care and billing system, at British Columbia Gas in 1998. It got listed in Australian Stock Exchange in 2000. It acquired Irdeto’s ICC (Intelligent Customer Care) solution for Pay TV operators in 2013. It acquired Banner CIS, adding water billing to Hansen’s deep portfolio in 2014. In 2015, acquired Telebilling A/S, adding triple and quad play billing to the Hansen Utilities portfolio.

6. Isentia Group Limited

Isentia started off as a small Australian family business.

• Revenue: AUD 111 million

• Market Value: AUD 752 million

Currently, it is a global leader in delivering business intelligence across the Asia-Pacific. A Sydney-based advertising pioneer Neville Jeffress founded Isentia in 1982. Until recently the company was known as Media Monitors. Media Monitors successfully merged with other enterprising Australian companies with the vision to reshape the Australian media intelligence landscape.

Focus on innovation and success led to international expansion by the company. Isentia expanded operations in Singapore, went through a merger with New Zealand-based Media People, and consolidated in China through the successful acquisition of Sinofile between 2004 and 2008. Having been established as a proven listener in the global village of online conversations, adding Brandtology, Asia’s leading online business intelligence company, and BuzzNumbers, an Australian social media monitoring firm to the Isentia family reiterated a vision to integrate the social and traditional media.

In 2011 Isentia made an acquisition of MediaBanc, the largest and most experienced media intelligence organization in South East Asia. It also expanded its business into the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. It has most comprehensive media reach, most advanced search technology and talented people providing deeper insight and service excellence as major differentiators.

5. SMS Management and Technology Limited

SMS Management and Technology Limited, a company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, helps its clients solve real business problems through advisory, solutions and managed services.

• Revenue: AUD 314 million

• Market Value: AUD 229.19 million

SMS was established in 1986 on the foundation of three core rules: add value, maintain unity and enhance reputation. Throughout its journey, these values remain central to the business, allowing it to continue delivering excellence.

It helps its clients improve their business performance by designing, building and operating end-to-end business and technology projects. With industry portfolio spanning several industry sectors, it employs more than 1,700 professionals in offices throughout Australia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore. It delivers results by enabling businesses to become more streamlined, agile, cost-effective and customer friendly.

It also specializes in offering clients deliver real business outcomes by improving how they use people, process and technology spanning from strategy advisory and design to digital enablement and managed services. Its advisory offerings include Strategy & Innovation, Customer Experience and Strategic Design. It provides a portfolio of solutions including Digital Enablement, Mobile Solutions and Application Development. As part of the managed services it offers Outsourced Operations, Streamlining Business and Cloud Services.

4. Technology One Limited

Technology One Limited is a Queensland-based business-to-business software manufacturer.

• Revenue: AUD 195 million

• Market Value: AUD 1170 million

Its operations are spread across six countries. It creates solutions that transform business and make life simple for its clients. Over 1000 government departments, leading corporations and statutory authorities benefit from its software portfolio. It provides powerful, deeply integrated and easy-to-use enterprise software. It was established in 1987 in Hemmant, Brisbane.

Technology One gained accreditation to the International Standard ISO9001 (Quality Management system) in 1994. It opened the Service Delivery division in 1995. It got listed under Australian Stock Exchange in 1999. In 2008, the company acquired the technology of Outcome Manager to add TechnologyOne Performance Planning solution in its portfolio. It ventured into cloud computing in 2010. It unveiled OneBanking – the industry-first software for the financial services sector at the Abacus Convention in partnership with Police and Nurses Credit Society in 2011. It also launched OneWater – the first ever software solution designed in Australia to help water corporations and councils manage business operations. In 2013, the company launched OneFire and Rescue Services, an enterprise software solution for the emergency services market in UK.

3. UXC Limited

UXC Limited is an end-to-end IT services company that specializes in solving problems and simplifying technology.

• Revenue: AUD 643 million

• Market Value: AUD 251.4 million

It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It started back in 2002 through a successful merger of Utility Services Corporation and MITS with a vision to build a customer centric and locally owned ICT solutions company that was capable of competing with the multinationals. It has since evolved and achieved this aim through targeted acquisition and organic growth.

UXC established Oracle capability in 2004 and SAP in 2006. In 2011 it merged consulting and IT infrastructure businesses. It went through a series of acquisitions as it acquired Clarity, Convergence and Saltbush Group in 2014 in order to expand its businesses. Having experienced 12 consecutive years of growth, and with more than 2,900 employees UXC is listed in Australian Stock Exchange. The Consulting and Advisory business units with more than 550 resources help designing the right solution to match client needs. The services portfolio includes ICT Research, Change Management and Training, Strategy & Architecture; Program & Project Services, Service Management, Business Analysis, Cloud based Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Communications, Mobile Content Management, Digital Transaction Management; Information and CyberSecurity, and Quality Validation & Test Management,. It also offers a plethora of Enterprise Applications and IT infrastructure solutions.

2. IRESS Limited

IRESS Limited is an Australia-based software company that specializes in wealth management and financial services industry.

• Revenue: AUD 329 million

• Market Value: AUD 1740 million

It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. In 1993, Dunai Financial Systems (DFS) was formed by Peter Dunai, Hung Do and Neil Detering. In June, 1995, IRESS equity information system was launched into the Australian marketplace. Bridge Information Systems acquires 80% of Dunai Financial Systems (DFS) and forms BridgeDFS in January, 1997. After getting listed in Australian Stock Exchange, BridgeDFS changes its name to IRESS Market Technology Limited in October, 2001. IRESS starts providing wealth management software solutions after the acquisition of XPLAN Technology Ltd. in March, 2003. In some of the recent acquisitions, IRESS acquired Peresys (Pty) Limited making it the leading provider of sell side and buy side financial markets technology in South Africa. In September 2013, it acquired Avelo FS Holdings Limited, a leading provider of financial services technology in the UK.

IRESS produces innovative solutions for serious financial market and wealth management participants. It provides two core products – IRESS and XPLAN. Both comprise of a trading and equity information platform, and a suite of financial planning and associated tools. IRESS clients range from large corporations to independent operators. It supports all financial market and wealth clients who need to manage and monitor industry information.

1. MYOB Group Limited

MYOB, a company headquartered in Victoria, Australia, is a leading provider of business management solutions.

• Revenue: AUD 287 million

• Market Value: AUD 2070 million

Christopher Lee and a team from Teleware, Inc., who developed accounting software, established MYOB in 1980s. Best Software, Inc. purchased Teleware in 1993. In 1997, Data-Tech Software, the Australian producer of the MYOB products, entered into a mutual agreement with Best Software to purchase the company (renamed MYOB, Inc.) and the intellectual property rights to the software were also sold. Data-Tech Software renamed to MYOB Limited and got listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on July 9, 1999. MYOB Limited went through a successful merger with Solution 6 Holdings in 2004. In August 2011, Archer Capital, a private equity consortium, sold MYOB to Bain Capital. The major acquisition led Bain Capital to hold a majority stake in MYOB alongside existing management who continued to be shareholders of the company. MYOB Group Limited was relisted to the Australian Stock Exchange on 4 May 2015.

MYOB’s present portfolio includes a suite of subscription-based products. It also offers a browser-based accounting product released in August 2010. Since October 2012, MYOB started offering AccountRight Live - the cloud-enabled version of its flagship financial product.

Ranking Criteria

The companies are ranked according to the criteria as described below.

1. 20 top public listed companies in Australia are selected according to minimum revenue (AUD 1 million) and minimum market value (AUD 100 million).

2. These companies are ranked according to Revenue only, and Market Value only i.e. two separate rank lists are prepared.

3. Points were assigned to each company in these two lists depending upon their ranks. For example, in the list sorted according to revenue, rank 1 company, which has highest revenue, is assigned 100 points. Rank 2 company assigned points according to the ratio of its revenue with rank 1 company’s revenue.

[Points assigned to rank 2 company = (Revenue of rank 2 company/ revenue of rank 1 company) * 100]

4. Step 3 is repeated for assigning points to remaining companies and the other list.

5. Points obtained from the two lists are added for each company by giving equal weight to revenue, and market value.

[Weighted Points = Revenue Points * 0.5 + Market Capitalization Points * 0.5]

6. The final top 10 companies’ list was prepared according to total points obtained in step 5.

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