Top 10 Media & Broadcasting Companies in the World 2017

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Media and broadcasting have grown at a significant pace over the last few years. News channels, entertainments, sports, online media etc have all been driven by the leading media and broadcasting companies in the world. All these biggest media and broadcasting companies have a global presence reaching out to almost every corner of the earth. The top media and broadcasting companies include names like Comcast, Walt Disney, Time Warner, Charter Communications, Liberty Global etc. Here is the list of the top 10 media and broadcasting companies in the world 2017 as per revenue, profit.

Quick Glance at the Top Media Companies in the World 2017

1st place: Comcast

2nd place: Walt Disney

3rd place: Time Warner

4th place: Charter Communications

5th place: Liberty Global

6th place: British Sky Broadcasting

7th place: Dish Network

8th place: CBS Corp

9th place: Viacom

10th place: News Corp

For more details about rankings and parameters, read on.

Largest Media & Broadcasting 2017 Ranking with Parameters (Revenue, Profit):

10. News Corp

Headquartered at New York, News Corp was founded in the year 2012 and is engaged in creation and distribution of media, news and information services.

Image: company website

It is a firm that considers consumers at the heart for what they are, and they are moving market with the power of information they own and striving to unlock the power information. They also deliver the content that anticipates the need of its customer by delivering unique and meaningful experiences to them.

They are united by passion for enlightening and engaging its subscribers by world class journals and information they provide. In all they are trying to build heritage of innovation and challenging the status quo in this field of broadcasting and information. It includes News Corp Australia, News UK, Dow Jones, New York Post, Harper Collins Publishers, News America Marketing, storyful and move companies in its business networks. The philanthropic mission of the firm is to improve lives of others. They are investing in innovative approaches to learning to strengthen and support students. They are also associated in providing shelter, meals, clothing, tutoring to children in under resourced communities. Since they are committed in pushing the world’s information forward they are also associated with those organisations that protect and defend the ability of journalists to fulfil their duties across the world.

When it comes to making career with News Corp, it is a firm that values big, bold thinkers with the ability to bring great ideas to the market. There are opportunities in working on what’s happening in news, sports, entertainment to reaching the most influential people every morning. It is great place who want to work and make difference. Recognised as leading hub for high tech innovation and technology, it is a place of fast paced, creative and dynamic people working to help its readers make sense of the modern world.

Revenue: $ 8.14 billion

Profit: $ -0.363 billion

9. Viacom

Established in the year 2005, Viacom, Inc is a global entertainment content company founded by Sumner M. Redstone headquartered in New York.

Image: company website

It provides compelling TV programs, short form video, applications, games, motion pictures, social media and other entertainment related content. It operates through Media Networks and Filmed entertainment segments. Across the globe it has reached more than 160 countries with approximately 700 million subscribers. The company’s leading brands includes MTV, comedy central, SPIKE, VIVA, VH1 and many others. It connects kids, youth and adults and develops authentic content for distinct audience like African-Americans, millennial generation, LGBT viewers and more.

When it comes to media networks it has the largest portfolio of add supported cable networks in US. It is among the most diverse, vibrant and culturally relevant collection of brands in media. Its business is driven by innovation, deep understanding of audiences and creativity. Viacom has one of the best cultures considering employees as the strength of their company fostering an environment that engages and respects each individual supporting them to flourish both professionally and personally. They embrace global diversity and inclusions in its entire works, on screen to off, from films to employee programs.

When it comes to career opportunities it’s a place which has diverse mix of talented people who do their best work. Its success runs on hard work and passion of its creative employees. It’s fully focussed on equality and diversity of religion, national origin, race, gender and many others that make them different. In all it’s a firm that strives for creative excellence and cultural impact across every segments it works on.

Revenue: $ 12.66 billion

Profit: $ 1.39 billion

8. CBS Corp

Founded in the year 1986, CBS Corp is a mass media company founded by Sumner Murry Redstone and is headquartered in New York.

Image: company website

It creates and distributes content to the audience across the world on variety of platforms, and it operates through publishing, local media, cable, networks and entertainment. The company’s history backs to the dawn of broadcasting age to the new venture that operates on the leading edge of the media. Today it has become one of the most watched television networks in U.S making the company “The EYE” most recognised in business because of its largest library of entertainment content.

CBS group includes CBS Television Network, The CW (a joint venture between CBS Corporation and Warner Bros. Entertainment), and CBS Studios International, CBS Consumer Products, CBS Television Distribution, CBS Home Entertainment, CBS Television Studios and many other best channels. The business conduct statement talks of the firm’s consistency. By visibly and continually reaffirming their commitment with highest standards of business behaviour they instill an ethic in the organization that allows individual employees to exercise their very best judgment.

The firm strives to use its power to produce quality news, diversity efforts and socially responsible content for the public good to earn CBS distinction of public trust. It also has taken the commitment to build greener and sustainable environment in the community they serve. Working with CBS is an exciting time. It been the industry leader in media and has evolved continuously. They offer opportunity to work with diverse group of men and women with decades of knowledge and wealth of resources. It provides comprehensive and flexible benefits programs to enjoy competitive compensation as well as board range of benefits and incentives.

Revenue: $ 13.17 billion

Profit: $ 1.26 billion

7. Dish Network

Established in the year 1980 by Charles W. Ergen, Cantey W. Ergen and James DeFranco, Dish Network Corp in headquartered in Englewood, Colorado.

Image: Wikimedia

It operates trough broadband services, Pay TV and wireless segments, and it provides satellite television, interactive television services and audio programming to its customers in United States. As of today it has reached approximately reached 13.7 million televisions to 600000 broadband subscribers and has employed close to 16000 people. Dish’s main business is satellite television and viewers choose from series of services paying more money for more channels. With acquiring of Blockbuster LLC it is diversifying its offering and is using IP rights to offer streaming and mail-order video services. Further to it Dish also started digital video recorder Dish Hopper (DVR) in 2012 which allowed customers to watch programs without commercials. There after it has rapidly grown with Dish Net, Sling TV and acquisitions and expansion of its business.

The culture of Dish Network is focussed around C P A W curiosity. Pride. Adventure. Winning which drives to do personal best and the courage to face the challenge with determination and success. If you are ready for your chance to shine and work for  fortune 200 company Dish provides huge variety of career paths across united states. It also provides other career opportunities in customer service in-home services, corporate careers, sales etc to have diverse and driven workforce who take the initiative to create great professional organisation.

Revenue: $ 15.1 billion

Profit: $ 1.45 billion

6. British Sky Broadcasting

Sky Plc was founded in the year 1988 and headquartered in Middlesex, the United Kingdom.

Image: company website

It is an entertainment company which provides TV and WiFi services. It is serving around 22 million customers with close to 57 products connected to more than 11 million homes. It has 30000 plus employees with 11000 plus customer service agents and engineers operating across Europe, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. The company has its flagship brands like sky Atlantic, sky cinema, sky sports, sky news, sky arts, sky living and sky 1. Today it is offering its customers world leading entertainment with 80000 plus hours of live sports coverage.

The company believes in better which means providing the best quality entertainment to the entire family using technology .They believe in making life better through entertainment and connecting people at affordable prices so that millions can join in. They are equally committed in behaving responsibly and do right things for the community they live and work. Giving employees all the importance for critical success for the company, they foster a culture where they can give their best and fulfil their potential to achieve greater in life.

It has displayed responsible business from keeping the customers information safe to reducing the environmental impact. Towards customer they are committed in delivering high editorial standards, to designing innovative products to come up with great ideas to make great things happen every day. They have also displayed responsible behaviour towards sourcing and environment by developing strong partnership with its suppliers with proper policies to ensure they have met their standards. Also to reduce environmental impact they are producing sustainable products and helping in tackling climate change. In all they believe that every young person has potential and just need right opportunity to unlock it. Across their business whether in front camera or off screen they are always looking for new ways to make the lives of customers better.

Revenue: $ 17.08 billion

Profit: $ 0.8474 billion

5. Liberty Global

An international cable company founded in the year 2013 stands 5th in the list of top ten Media and broadcasting in the span of 4 years with revenue of 20.1 billion dollars.

Image: company website

Liberty Global Plc provides cable, internet and television services and is currently headquartered in London, United Kingdom. They have their fibre network stretching over 800000 plus kms serving close to 29 million customers providing ultimate entertainment experience. They are experts in providing ultrafast and seamless connectivity in and out of the house. It has around 50 million houses passed with 50 million video, internet and voice subscribers. As of today it has employed 45000 people in the firm. It is established player in Latin America and Caribbean, having operation in more than 30 countries all over. Its commitment to innovation has enabled them to deliver market competitive products through next generation technologies and networks.

In 2016 it acquired Plc to form leading TV and telecoms firm in Latin America. As of today it operates through 12 European countries and over 20 Latin American countries with brands like Ziggo, VTR, Liberty, Virgin Media and many others.

The vision of the company is Connect, Discover and be free which keeps them focussed on bringing amazing entertainment experience through incremental penetration of their services. Their strategy emphasizes on superior organic growth, fruitful M&A and commitment to equity returns which pushes them to more technical innovation and simplify the digital lives of people. The career in Liberty puts you on the front on ever expanding industry which encourages one to explore and achieve full potential through challenging work and empower you to grow and build a career where exactly you wanted to be.

Revenue: $ 20.01 billion

Profit: $ 1.71 billion

4. Charter Communications

Charter communications, Inc in associated in providing broadband communication services which include TV, video entertainment programming, internet access and spectrum voice.

Image: patch

It was founded in the year 1999 and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut United States. It is serving over 25 million customers in 41 states and is the second largest cable operators in US by subscribers after Comcast. It is also the fifth largest telephone provider in the basis of subscribers line count. Later in the year 2016, Charter communications acquired Time Warner and Bright House networks making the third largest pay TV services in US for a deal of $65.5 billion. Further it has expanded to reach 2 million households not provided broadband moving into rural areas not served with high speed internet and increase the visibility.

Today charter is serving more than 25 million people in 41 states. It has always been in pace with technology and is serving most of its customers through legacy set up boxes and DVRs and is further committed to provide all digital network and standard internet speeds across all service areas. Charter communication has also several awards to its name. In 2011 it received fastest ISP award for providing internet services twice the speed during 2011 business year. It has also won Cable Fax topops for day of service for their excellent customer service. It also has 2007 multi system operator of the year along with best company to work for based on the survey created to charter employees. Today it is in 331 rank in the list of fortune 500 best companies.

When it comes to CSR it is committed to improve communities and impact lives where their customers live work and play. In this regard they have spectrum housing assist which has the goal of making 25000 homes safe and healthier by 2020. In all their philanthropic efforts are set to bring in a difference to the society they serve.

Revenue: $ 29 billion

Profit: $ 3.52 billion

3. Time Warner

Founded on January 10th 1990 Time Warner Inc. is headquartered in New York and is a media and entertainment company engaged in provided publishing services, film entertainment and cable network.


Time Warner deliver premium content worldwide to its audience through its industry leading operating scale, and their aim is to become the world’s leading video content company. As a global media group, they focus on creating value for the company by leveraging big data, consumer insights. Their strategy is to invest in mid-size companies that can generate value for the company. It owns some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as HBO, Warner Bros., and CNN, DC Comics etc. Their corporate responsibility is to tell the world stories by leading responsibly and making their business greener. On October 22, 2016 AT&T announced its intent to acquire Time Warner for $108 billion when Time Inc. agreed to a merger with Warner Communications, creating the largest media conglomerate in the world at that time.

When it comes to working with Time Warner, its leader in media and entertainment providing exciting and rewarding career opportunities across various disciplines. As they are the innovators in technology, products and services they hire the most talented individuals who are committed who reflect the core values of its firm. It is leading in the industry with several awards like best place to work, world’s most ethical companies, top 50 organisations for diversity and many others in the list.

Revenue: $ 29.32 billion

Profit: $ 3.92 billion

2. Walt Disney

Founded in the year 1923 by Walter Elias Disney, Walt Disney is headquartered in Burbank, California.


Walt Disney Company commonly known as Disney has established itself as one of the leaders in the American animation industry with business diversification into film production, television entertainment and theme parks. It is an entertainment giant that also owns cable networks, including ESPN, Disney channel and American Broadcasting Company. Disney operates through a number of studios with each studio crafting a special type of content for its audience. The company distributes film under Walt Disney Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, and Dream Works Studios etc. Disney’s stories, characters and content reach every member of the family. It has operations in 40 countries and the team work together to create entertainment experiences for the global audience. Disney maintains its strategy of investing in a number of entertainment offerings across film production, television entertainment and theme parks.

Disney’s future plans continue to be international expansion of its existing businesses and continue investing in new business lines. Disney has many accolades to its name and features in Fortune’s list of world’s most admired companies. Mickey Mouse one of the earliest and well-known cartoon creation is the mascot for Disney.

Revenue: $ 54.94 billion

Profit: $ 8.99 billion

1. Comcast

Established in the year 1963, Comcast Corp is a media, communication and entertainment firm involved in providing services in phone, video and internet to the customers in US.

Image: company website

The company was started by Ralph J Roberts, Julian A Brodsky and Daniel Aaron, and currently has it’s headquarter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast operates majorly through 5 segments of Cable Networks, Broadcast Television, Cable communications, Theme parks and Filmed entertainment. Inspired by rich heritage Comcast has the experience, creativity and leadership to shape the future of media and technology topping the list of fortune 500 broadcasting and cable industries in terms of its performance and business services it provides.

Its core values revolves to earn respect and trust from its customers, share holders and members of society where 153000 employees strive to shape the future of media and technology. The four core values include community investment through digital literacy, youth education and leadership, by providing the best media to its customers and philanthropic efforts. The second of its value includes diversity and inclusion which best strives to get in innovation in their services, the third one being sustainability by going green and forth one being integrity in doing business. When it comes to its philanthropic acts Comcast offers low cost internet and cable services to schools through US E-rate program. Innovation, passion and entrepreneurialism had driven Comcast to create businesses and reshape the industries with its vision taking it forward to embrace the future through inspired view on what is possible.

Thus Comcast is a company which reimagines the industry, invent new technologies and creates theme park, movies that convert experiences of millions people in to thrill and entertainment every day. They turn every customers feedback into great app experiences and create powerful experience to millions.

Revenue: $ 80.4 billion

Profit: $ 8.7 billion

Ranking Methodology:

Step 1: Top 20 companies were shortlisted based on their sales and revenue

Step 2: 3 Parameters Revenues, Net income were scaled using Min-Max Normalization

Step 3: Normalized values were weighted with 50% Revenue, 50% Net income

Step 4: Based on the values, ranking was done

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