Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in USA 2017

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IT Companies have played an important role in ensuring the growth of other dependent industries in US. The biggest American information technology companies serve not only clients in USA but also reach out to an international audience. The top IT companies in USA include brands like Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, HP etc. Here is a list of the top 10 IT companies in USA 2017 based on revenues and profits.

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Top IT Companies in USA 2017 are

1st Place : Microsoft

2nd Place : Oracle

3rd Place : IBM

4th Place : Adobe

5th Place : HP

6th Place : Cognizant

7th Place : Vmware

8th Place : Intuit

9th Place : Symantec

10th Place : Red Hat

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10. Red Hat

Red hat is a multinational company based out of America and deals in providing software solutions to different business communities.

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It has satellite offices across globe with corporate headquarter in Raleigh, North Carolina. Business model on which Red Hat operates on is professional open source model which is based on development of open code within a professional quality assurance, community and subscription based customer support.

Open source which RED hat produces allows programmers to make further adaptations and improvements. Subscriptions are sold by Red Hat for integration services, training and support which helps the customer of Red hat to use their subscription set price are being paid by the customer for having unlimited access of the services like Red Hat Network and for 24 X7 support from Red Hat.

Red Hat makes, keeps up, and adds to many free programming ventures. It has obtained a few restrictive programming item codebases through corporate mergers and acquisitions and has discharged such programming under open source licenses. Red hat made its first acquisition of Delix Computer GmbH-Linux Div, a company based out of Germany on 30th july ,1999. Next acquisition it made was on January 2011 of Cygnus solution which provided free softer support to commercial organisations.

Red Hat Inc made its subsidiary Red Hat India to deliver support, software and services to Indian customers. Red Hat India had distribution of over 70 channel partners covering 27 cities across India in 2006.

Revenue ($Bn): 2.4

Net Profit ($ Bn): 0.199

9. Symantec

Symantec Corporation is an American programming organization headquartered in Mountain View, California, United States.

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The organization produces programming for security, stockpiling, reinforcement and accessibility - and offers proficient administrations to bolster its product. Netcraft evaluates Symantec (counting backups) as the most-utilized accreditation expert. Symantec is a Fortune 500 organization and an individual from the S&P 500 securities exchange file. The organization likewise has improvement focuses in Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru (India). On October 9, 2014, Symantec proclaimed it would part into two autonomous traded on an open market organizations before the finish of 2015. One organization would concentrate on security, the other on data administration. On January 29, 2016, Symantec sold its data administration auxiliary, named Veritas Technologies (which Symantec had gained in 2004) to The Carlyle Group.

With a National Science Foundation grant Gary Hendrix Established it in 1982, Symantec was initially cantered around computerized reasoning related tasks, including a database program. Hendrix contracted a few Stanford University common dialect handling analysts as the organization's first representatives, among them Barry Greenstein (proficient poker player and designer of the word processor segment inside Q&A).Hendrix likewise enlisted Jerry Kaplan (business person and creator) as an advisor to assemble the in-RAM database for Q&A.

Revenue ($Bn): 3.6

Net Profit ($ Bn): 2.4

8. Intuit

Intuit is one of the biggest American IT companies serving customers in USA & worldwide.


Intuit Inc is a business and budgetary programming organization that creates and offers money related, bookkeeping and assessment arrangement programming and related administrations for independent companies, bookkeepers and people. The organization is headquartered in Mountain View, California. More prominent than 95% of its incomes and profit originated from its exercises inside the United States. Intuit makes TurboTax, a customer assess arrangement application, the private company bookkeeping program QuickBooks, proficient duty arrangements ProSeries and Lacerte, and various finance items. In April 2016, Intuit finished the offer of its unique leader item, Quicken, to H.I.G. Capital.

Notwithstanding the United States, the organization has workplaces in seven nations around the globe: UK, Australia, France, Singapore, India, Brazil, and Canada. With home to more than eight thousand representatives it has Brad Smith as its present president and CEO. The significant results of Intuit incorporate programming for individual back, bookkeeping and programming for expense form. It has two noteworthy innovative work focuses situated in Ontario, Canada and Bengaluru, India. Mint, Quicken, Quick book independently employed and Turbo duty are couple of items for person. For independent venture it significant items incorporate Check and Tax frames, Demand compel, Intuit Payroll Services, Quickbooks and QuickBooks Payments while Lacerte and Proseries are its known items for bookkeepers. It takes after the technique of obtaining for its development with one noteworthy procurement consistently. The last being procurement of UK based organization Acrede in December, 2014. Mint it item for individual enables one to make spending plan for one's close to home utilize. It additionally has the arrangement for bizarre record charges and helps one to get their financial assessments.

Revenue ($Bn): 4.6

Net Profit ($ Bn): 0.98

7. Vmware

VMware is a worldwide pioneer in cloud framework and business versatility.

Image: company website

VMware quickens clients' advanced change travel by empowering ventures to ace a product characterized way to deal with business and IT. With VMware arrangements, associations are making uncommon encounters by activating everything, reacting speedily to circumstances with present day information and applications facilitated crosswise over crossover mists, and protecting client trust with a protection inside and out way to deal with cyber security. It is home to eighteen thousand workers and has Pat Gelsinger as its present CEO. VMware leads in cloud framework and virtualization programming helping associations develop and flourish. The portfolio of VMware incorporates Cloud administration programming, Desktop Software, virtual desktop framework, Server Software, systems administration and application administration and security items. Few of the known offering from the VMware house incorporates vSphere, vCloud Suite, vCloud Director, Horizon and Fusion. They have as of late extended their administration to IT based counselling as a major aspect of their development procedure. It is asserted that they take into account 100% of Fortune 100 organizations. VMware runs a lot of preparing and scholarly related program where they teach about their offerings. It likewise has devoted projects for forthcoming cooperation accomplices. Few of those administrations are VMware Service Provider Program, Consulting and Integration Partner Program and VMware Authorized preparing focuses.

Revenue ($Bn): 6.03

Net Profit ($ Bn): 7.093

6. HP

Hewlett Packard, known as HP, company which is most commonly known as HP is American MNC which deals in information technology and is headquartered in Palo Alto which is in California.

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A variety of software as well as hardware components were developed by HP for its customers which were large companies as well as SMBs and other customers in the government, health and education sector. The organization was established in a one-auto garage in Palo Alto by David "Dave" Packard and William "Charge" Redington Hewlett, and at first delivered a line of electronic test devices. HP was the world's leader in PC making from 2007 to Q2 2013, after which Lenovo took that rank from hewlett packard.It was an expert manufacturing and developing networking, data storage, and computing hardware, delivering services and designing software. Latent product offerings included individualized computing gadgets, endeavour and industry standard servers, related capacity gadgets, organizing items, programming and an assorted scope of printers and other imaging items. HP showcased its items to family units, little to medium-sized organizations and endeavours specifically and additionally through online appropriation, buyer hardware and office-supply retailers, programming accomplices and significant innovation merchants. HP likewise had benefits and counselling business around its items and accomplice items.

Revenue ($Bn): 13.49

Net Profit ($ Bn): 1.553

5. Cognizant Technologies

It is the company which leads in providing professional services which helps clients to transform their business, technology and working structure for the digital era.

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Headquartered in USA and being a member of NASDAQ-100, it is ranked at 230 among other fortune 500 companies. And also considered the most admired organisation to work. With operations globally it has more than two hundred ten thousand workers and has Francisco D'Souza as its present CEO. its slogan as "committed to make stronger business" Cognizant works in the data innovation, counselling and business handle outsourcing administrations fragment. It has adopted a strategy for development through acquisitions, Cadient Group of USA in late 2014 and the most recent being the Odecee group of Australia. Few of the platforms and product offered by the company includes Cognizant S3P, assetSERV, CognizantOptimaWrite, Cloud360, GeoLocus, TruMobl, Zero Deviation Life Cycle,ModelEye. SMAC as a guardian angel,The Robot and I and IoT (Internet of Things) are few of the most recent intuition which the organizations claims to be off distinct advantage in the IT Industry. Company is showing up in Fortune list as Most appreciated organizations for a long time consecutively now. It is positioned 40 in Information Week Elite 100.

Revenue ($Bn): 48.23

Net Profit ($ Bn): 2.5

4. Adobe

Adobe is a multinational company which deals in computer software.


The company is based out of America and have headquartered in San Jose, California. A creativity and multimedia software product was the field in which adobe has previously focussed but recently it has forayed in software development and rich internet applications. Photoshop which is for editing image is the flagship software by adobe. Other product includes Acrobat Reader, Portable document format and Adobe creative Suite and its successor Adobe Creative Cloud. Charles Geschke and John Warnock founded adobe in year 1982 when they left Xerox Parc for the sake developing and selling the Post Script page description language. Apple computer in 1985 sparked revolution in desktop publishing by licensing post script use in it’s laser printers.

By 2015, Adobe Systems has around 15,000 representatives worldwide, around 40% of whom were working in San Jose. Adobe additionally has improvement operations in Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York City, New York; Newton, Massachusetts;; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Seattle, Washington; Lehi, Utah; San Luis Obispo and San Francisco California , United States.

Revenue ($Bn): 5.8

Net Profit ($ Bn): 1.168

3. IBM

International business machines which is commonly known as IBM is a multinational technology firm based out of USA.

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With operation in more than 170 countries it is headquartered in Armonk New York. This company started its operation in year 1911 with name computing tabulating and recording company and later in 1924 was renamed to international business machine. IBM fabricates and showcases PC equipment, middleware and programming, and offers facilitating and counselling administrations in regions running from centralized computer PCs to nanotechnology. With about four hundred thousand representatives and operations across globe there is no doubt in it being a pioneer in the Computer Software, Hardware, and IT Consulting. Outsourcing services, Business Services, Lab services, IT Services and Financing and Training are couple of general classifications of administrations line it takes into account. Few of the popular programming of IBM incorporates SPSS, Info sphere, Cognos, Rational ,Lotus, Rational, Web Sphere and Tivoli. It is additionally known for the frameworks, servers and capacity gadget which it produces. It has topped the diagrams in every one of the rankings which are distributed by , Newsweek, Fortune, Vault and so on. There has been some slide seen in the income earned by IBM in a year ago regardless it figures out how to make it beat 3 IT organizations of US.

Revenue ($Bn): 79.92

Net Profit ($ Bn): 11.87

2. Oracle

Oracle Corporation is a multinational company which specializes in computer technology and is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

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It offers databases, applications, storage, servers and cloud technologies to give a boost to modern businesses. To be flexible to unique needs of businesses oracle offers a wide range of model in cloud deployment, systems and software. Oracle cloud is a complete set of platform, infrastructure and application services which with advanced security and scalability helps enterprises in technical agility, connects people to information for clearer insights and through simplified workflows fosters efficiency. So far oracle has 420000 customers across 195 countries that have benefitted by oracle in accelerating their digital transformation. It was founded in year 1978 by Bob Miner and Ed Oates along with Larry Ellison by the name Software Development Laboratories. Elision was the idea generator for Oracle who derived inspiration from a paper written in 1970 by Edgar. Codd on RDMS.

In 1979 SDL renamed itself to relational software,Inc and then in 1982 to Oracle system Corporation to be more aligned with its famous product oracle database. In 1995 it again changed its name to Oracle Corporation. The early success of oracle was due to the C programming language which oracle used to implement in its products which enabled switching to various operating systems.

Revenue ($Bn): 37.04

Net Profit ($ Bn): 8.9

1. Microsoft

Microsoft is a world leading company which provides platforms for mobile phone and computers.

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Mission of this firm is to help every company and every person on this planet get more through its products and services. Microsoft is the name given to Microsoft Corporation and its affiliated companies which includes Microsoft mobile OY which is a subsidy of Microsoft and distributes nokia X and Asha and Lumia mobile phones and other devices. It was founded in year 1975 by William H gates III. It is currently headed by Mr Satya Nadella and is worldwide leader in software. Products which Microsoft has in the market are Office, Skype (video calling) Internet Explorer, Windows Operating Systems, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Dynamics (Enterprise Software), Xbox (computer game industry), and Mobile and so on. Known administrations offered by Microsoft incorporates MSN, Bing web index MSDN,, TechNet, Visual Studio, One Drive Bing web index MSDN, Azure. The solution which company provides help industries to save a lot on developments and customizations. The result which Microsoft dynamics has shown in government and public sector, retail, financial service, telecommunication and manufacturing sectors proves the value of the products offered.

Making acquisition is a part of its growth strategy and have increasingly diversified itself from operating system market. It acquired Skype in year 2011 for $8.5 billion and in 2016 it acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. It is having its head quarter in Redmond Washington and have market capitalisation of $546.88 billion with profit in year in 2016 $16.8 billion.

Revenue ($Bn): 85.32

Net Profit ($ Bn): 16.798


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2. Various parameters like revenues, marcap, net profits are taken into consideration

3. Based on weighted averages, the final ranks are calculated

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