Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in World 2024

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In this article, we have prepared a list of top 10 mobile brands in the world 2024 using business parameters like latest annual shipments and market share. Mobile phones have become inherent part of our lives. Top smartphones brands have revolutionized the way people use mobiles today. Consumer preferences are dynamically changing and hence it's a world of latest style and innovation for these top mobile brands. Because of the pandemic and other reasons, Sales have marginally increased last year. The total shipments in the last 4 quarters have been over 1 billion units approximately which is less than the previous year. Emerging markets drive a lot of sales for these top smartphone brands. By end of 2024, more than 50% of phones are estimated to be 5G ready which can be a big boost to these phone brands.

Top Mobile Phone Brands Ranking 2024 by Shipments & Market Share:

The list of top mobile brands in 2024 includes Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi followed by Realme, Motorola, Honor etc. The leading global mobile phone brands comprise of players which have a strong global presence. Customers have a wide range of handsets to choose from the various offerings from the biggest mobile phone brands. Here is the list of the top 10 mobile companies in the world in 2024.

Rank 1. Apple

Apple maintains its top position in the smartphone industry as the most preferred brand.

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Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, Apple today is known for its classy iPhones.

Apple iPhones run on the iOS operating system, which is developed by Apple and is known for its intuitive interface and user-friendliness. iPhones are also known for their high-quality hardware, including high-resolution displays, advanced camera systems, and powerful processors that allow for smooth and fast performance.

The brand has integration of the Apple ecosystem, which includes apps and services such as the App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple Pay, which allows a seamless customer experience. Apple has also focused on improving the cameras on its iPhones to take high quality photos & videos, with advanced features such as Night mode, Deep Fusion, and RAW mode.

Overall, Apple iPhones are known for their high-quality hardware, user-friendly interface, and integration with the Apple ecosystem, making them a popular choice among consumers who value quality and innovation in their smartphones. Apple is always a leading brand in the list of top mobile brands 2024.

Units Shipped (Million) : ~234

Market Share ~20%

Rank 2. Samsung

Headquartered in Samsung town, Samsung electronics is a South Korean company and is a subsidiary of Samsung group.

Image: company website

Samsung mobile is market leader in the smartphone industry as it continuously strives to enhance product capabilities through its extensive R&D. Samsung has broadened its offerings for mid and lower priced smartphones to high-end mobile phones in the affluent segment. Samsung is popular for its Samsung Galaxy smartphone range. 

Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones is its flagship line, with a range of models that cater to different budgets and needs. The latest models in the Galaxy line feature advanced features such as 5G connectivity, high-resolution displays, and multi-camera setups. Samsung's smartphones are powered by Android. In addition to its flagship smartphones, Samsung also produces mid-range and budget smartphones under the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series. These phones offer a more affordable alternative to the flagship models while still providing good performance and features. Samsung has also been known for its innovations with industry first examples like foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold. Samsung is always among the top mobile brands 2024 in the world.

Units Shipped (Million) : ~226

Market Share ~19%

Rank 3. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is one in all the quickest growing smartphone company in the world that manufactures smartphones, mobile apps, laptops.

Image: company website

Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun, and released its first smartphone in 2011, and since then Xiaomi has become the 8th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Xiaomi’s flagship brands are the Redmi and Mi series, which have grown significantly in popularity. Xiaomi has been able to create brand value owing to its focus on continuous innovation in technology. It also has been able to gain large market share due to its extensive advertising and marketing strategies especially in India and China to boost its sales of smartphones. With a consistent growth, Xiaomi is competing with the top global mobile brands in the world. The company has been able to mark its presence in markets of India, China, Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, and Asian nation with its exclusive Mi and Redmi Series mobile phones. Xiaomi shipments of smartphones were around 152 million in 2022 and have able to create a big presence in the top 10 smartphone companies in the world and are known as the Apple of China. Xiaomi is 3rd in the list of top mobile brands 2024.

Units Shipped (Million) : ~146

Market Share ~13%

Rank 4. Oppo

China based Oppo mobile phone brand is one of the most prominent new companies in the world owned by BBK Electronics.


The Oppo company, which was formed in 2011, is headquartered in China and has a strong global presence with its mobile devices and accessories. Oppo has produced a wide range of smartphones ranging from the low segment to targeting the affluent customer segments. Oppo has managed to create a strong brand presence despite being a late entrant in the smartphone market. However, aggressive marketing and branding along with good product quality has enabled Oppo to be among the top mobile brands globally.

Oppo has become the official sponsor of the cricket team for India, which gave the brand massive credibility as well presence. Oppo is a big name in the top mobile brands in world.

Units Shipped (Million) : 102

Market Share ~9%

Rank 5. Transsion (Tecno, Itel)

Globally markets are not only driven by smartphone sales but also feature phone sales.

Transsion brands like Itel has really captured the feature phone market and is also launching smartphones like Itel Vision series and Techno Spark and other brands in the market. In feature phones list, Itel is now one of the biggest brands challenging big brands like Samsung in feature phone as well as smartphone segments. Transsion has been one of the biggest brands in African markets but now it is one of the fastest growing brands in Indian mobile phone market as well.

Shipments : ~94 Million

Market Share ~8%

Rank 6. Vivo

Vivo is a brand of smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services based in China owned by BBK Electronics.

Image: company website

Started in 2009, this is the fastest growing smartphone company in the world having a strong global footprint with its wide mobile range. Vivo had recently developed Android-based software system known as Funtouch. Vivo entered the top mobile phone brands within the half quarter of 2017 with a worldwide market share of 10.7%. Some of the premium smartphones of Vivo are X series, V series as the middle-priced phones and the Y series as the low-end smartphones. In 2018 Vivo released exclusive smartphones X20 UD, the world's preliminary smartphone with a fingerprint scanner that utilized the "ClearID" technology. Celebrity endorsements, sponsorships have propelled the brand vale of Vivo. Vivo recently launched V9 mobile series that is similar to Apple’s iPhone X. Vivo is the first Android company to launch smartphones that features a notch display similar to Apple’s iPhone X that has a full view display with a notch on top. Vivo is always a leading company in the list of top mobile brands in 2024.

Units Shipped (Million) : ~90

Market Share ~8%

Rank 7. Honor

Honor is a leading consumer electronics brand which was established in the year 2013. It is one the most popular tech brands which is now a leader in manufacturing smartphones.

Honor company has one of the most advanced research & development centers, which are driven by a strong workforce of more than 10,000 employees. The brand has a global presence and its products are sold in more than 100 countries. Some of the flagship smartphones offered by Honor are Honor 10X Lite, Honor X30 and foldable Honor Magic V. These mobile handsets are loaded with features, high RAM, memory and a camera which competes effectively in the global smartphone market. The brand is majorly owned by the Chinese state.

Shipments : ~57 Million

Market Share ~5%

Rank 8. Motorola Mobility (Lenovo)

In 2011, Motorola became a subsidiary of Lenovo, when it acquired the mobile division from Motorola Inc, making it one of the strongest mobile and smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Motorola is based out of Illinois in the United States of America, and has a global presence. The company has a strong expertise in smartphones, tablets, smart watches etc. With Lenovo as its parent company, Motorola has a strong financial backing and hence huge amount of money is put in research and development, and innovation is considered a USP for the brand. Motorola recently launched Razr brand globally which has generated great reviews and has got the foldable interface quite well. The price point is quite high in India at around USD 150-1400 Rupees but it established Motorola back as a major innovative brand.

Some of the phones by Motorola are mentioned below:

- Moto G

- Moto One Series

- Moto Razr

- Moto Edge

Units Shipped (Million) : ~44

Market Share ~4%

Rank 9. Realme

Established in 2018, Realme is a Chinese smartphone brand, having a strong global name in top mobile brands.

Owned by BBK electronics which also owns VIVO and OPPO, Realme started its journey as an Oppo sub-brand but then since 2018, it is an independent brand which has a portfolio of more than 20 brands now since its inception. Realme also has TVs, headphones, smartwatches in its product line. Realme is a leading mobile brand in India. Vivo and Oppo are siblings of Realme from the same BBK brand. Realme is a leading manufacturer in the list of top mobile brands 2024.

Units Shipped (Million) : ~41

Market Share ~4%

Rank 10. Huawei

Founded in 1987, Huawei is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world based in China.

Image: company website

Huawei has the best innovation centers across the globe and in 2016, Huawei invested 14% of their revenue in R&D. Huawei has global presence in more than 170 countries and is also anticipated to build and develop its own operating system, which shows its strong presence in the mobile market. All innovations and R&D have enabled Huawei to establish itself as a top global mobile phone brand. HUAWEI has set the expectations high for smartphone photography through which anyone can capture professional quality images. Sales for Huawei have fallen more than 70% in 2021. Despite issues globally with the administration especially America, Huawei is consistently among the top mobile brands 2024.

Units Shipped (Million) : ~36

Market Share ~3%

Ranking Methodology for Best Mobile Brands 2024:

1. The leading mobile phone companies were taken

2. Parameters like Sales, Market Share are considered

3. The final rankings were based on the scores obtained

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