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Motorola changed its name from Motorola, Inc to Motorola Solutions, Inc in 2011. Motorola Solutions is a manufacturer and provider of communication infrastructure, devices, services, software and accessories. The company began operations in 1928, and it has customers in more than 100 countries and employs 15000 people.

In any business, there are several companies & brands which compete with each other by offering similar products & services.

For any company to thrive, it is not only important for them to improve their own products, but to also look at what their competitor is offering.

Below we look at the top 10 competitors of Motorola.

1. Apple:

Apple Inc, multinational technological company with its headquartered in Cupertino, California. The company is involved in developing and designing hardware products such as iPhones, iPads, Mac along with software development and online services. Its software includes IOS operating system and one of the famous web browsers – Safari.

2. HTC:

High-Tech Computer Corporation, a Taiwanese consumer electronics company, is a known brand for manufacturing mobiles and tablets in the field of telecommunication. HTC started its operations in 1997 with the goal of bringing the power of computing into the hands of people around the world. As soon as its operation started, Microsoft approached HTC to develop handheld products using Windows CE and they developed the world’s first handheld personal data assistant (PDA) to run on Windows CE and gained popularity.

3. Oppo:

Oppo is a wholly owned consumer electronics subsidiary of the Chinese multinational BBK electronics Corporation, which also owns the brand Vivo and is an institutional stockholder in OnePlus brand as well. Oppo offers a range of products in smartphones, Blu-ray players, and other electronic gadgets. It was launched in China in 2004 and later expanded to various other countries.

4. Vivo:

Vivo is a Chinese technology company founded in the year 2009 by Morgan Moore. It is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. The Vivo brand had entered the telecommunication and electronics industry with landline and wireless phones and in 2011 started manufacturing its own range of smartphones.

5. Nokia:

Back in the days, Nokia was counted amongst the second most popular phone makers in terms of volume after Samsung with a global market share as large as 18% at a point in time which got down to a much lower number as other competitive brands started coming in. Nokia, a Finnish company by origin entered the Indian market in the year 1994. The first ever GSM call was made on a Nokia handset by the name of Nokia 2110.

6. Samsung:

Samsung is a South Korean company founded by Byung-Chull Lee in 1938. The company started as a trading company and gradually became a multinational conglomerate through many acquisitions and mergers. Samsung Electronics Industry Co Ltd was established in 1969.

7. Xiaomi:

Xiaomi is a privately owned Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by 8 partners with funding from Temasek Holdings, a Singapore government owned investment company, IDG Capital and Qiming Venture Partners and Qualcomm. Xiaomi is expanding at a very fast pace with operations in more than 30 countries.

8. Microsoft:

In 1975 Bill Gates founded Microsoft along with Paul Allen. It is an American multinational technology company with its headquarter in Washington and has an annual income in excess of US $150 billion. The idea initially was to manufacture only computers but soon they delved into software and Operating System segments, and thus introduced Windows and other such Microsoft Software.

9. Sony:

Sony Corporation is a Japan based multinational group of companies bases in Tokyo. Sony was set up as an electronics store by Masaru Ibuka. It went to produce the first tape recorder.

10. Honeywell:

Honeywell International Inc is an American multinational conglomerate. It produces a diverse range of commercial and consumer products. The company offers aerospace products, consumer home, personal safety and vehicle products among many others.

To conclude, the above article highlights the various competitors which compete with Motorola. This understanding helps to evaluate the various external business factors for any company.

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