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Top MBA Careers for Students and Professionals

Top MBA careers are one of the biggest reasons why individuals seek a program in business & management. A MBA program is one of the most sought after option people look at while building their career. An MBA gives a big boost to an individual's career, and opens various options in the field of business and management. Some of the most popular career options for MBA are consulting, marketing, brand management, banking, investment bankers, consultants and likewise. Here is a guide highlighting some of the top MBA career options.

let us have a quick look at the top MBA Career Options or fields which are most sought after :

1. Business Consulting 

2. Marketing Management 

3. IT Management

4. HR Manager

5. Investment Banking

6. Venture Capitalist

7. Brand Management

8. Financial Services (banking, risk, hedge funds etc)

9. Entrepreneurship

Let us read about them in detail.


Top MBA Courses for Students and Professionals

This article covers the top courses for MBA. Master of Business Administration i.e. MBA is a post graduate professional degree. Any student who is in their graduation or completed graduation must have come across this course as one of the most rewarding professional careers to pursue. The honchos of most of the corporate houses today have MBA in their resume. But more than a degree or a point in resume, MBA is a course which can enhance a professional’s skill sets so much so that he is well equipped to understand the business world in a much advanced manner and in fact ready to take key business decisions.


Generation Names in America (Lost, G.I., Silent, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z)

Generation names in America like Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation Y, Millennials, Gen Z(Founders) have become very important to classify people. Every generation has a distinct set of characteristics, traits, attributes etc which differentiate them from the other generations over different years. The generation names have become important from Business (marketing, strategy) point of view too. Why? Let us see.

Humans live in different cultures, societies, groups and in various setups and countries. Humans keep evolving and a set of humans go and new one comes. To simplify the process, people call it one generation comes and new one comes. Generations are basically group of people who share similar values and cultures. People born in a particular time period share certain attributes in personality which may be different from the previous generation and the coming generations. The world’s political and social status at the time determines the current generations’ attributes and behavior. Generations who have seen war may be different from the ones which have seen only prosperous times. Because of this, generations have been classified over the years. In this article we will talk about the Western World (American mainly) classification of generation names.

This article covers the various Generation names in America (Western World) which are now used for referring to a certain group of people around the world. The generation names mainly started from early 20th century.


10 Unique Business Models

USP or unique selling proposition is the most important factor when a brand wants to establish its differentiation when compared to a competitor. Here are some amazingly unique business models who offer a distinctive value proposition for its customers.


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