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Funny One Liners by CEO's

There have been many CEO's and entrepreneurs who have showed millions of people on how to be the best in business and management. Here is the funny side to all the great business leaders. Here is a list of witty one-liners by present and past CEO's of global companies.


How to make a great PPT for Business

PPTs are an integral part of business these days, whether you are working in any sector or still in your B-school or college. You need Power Point Presentations's right from your college assignment to your job. You may have to present it to a single stakeholder or to an auditorium full with audience. There is no right or wrong way to make a PPT but there are few points which we can keep in mind while making PPTs. Here are few points you can keep in mind while making your next PPT great.


Things To Know Before An MBA

MBA is one of the most sought after professional courses which not only graduates seek for a better job, but also companies look for as they feel the candidate has much improved business skills. Here are 15 things highlighted that one must know before doing an MBA.


Accidental Entrepreneurs Who Made Some Fascinating Products by Mistake

We have been surrounded by some amazing innovations created by some of the greatest minds to have been born in the world. Inventors have put in years of hard work, dedication and lots of sacrifices. But there have been a few occasions where big companies & innovations have happened by a sheer coincidence or accidents! Here are some of the famous accidental entrepreneurs.


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