Top 10 Telecommunication Equipment Companies in the World 2015

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1. Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems was founded by Leonard Bosack in 1984 in the telecommunication equipment industry.

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It is headquartered in San Jose, California, U.S. It is involved in the manufacturing of IP based networking products and services. The company has a broad range of products for the voice, video and data communications within a building or around a campus. The company has its products in a number of categories that include switching, Next generation network Routing, Data Centers, wireless securities. The wireless communication systems of the company are the fastest growing system that ensures seamless transfer of voice, video and data within a distance. In 2000, while in the midst of dot com bubble, Cisco was the most valuable company in the world. Having a market capitalization of around $139 B, Cisco is way ahead than its next competitor. Cisco Systems is the largest company in the telecommunication equipment industry with respect to sales, profits, assets and market capitalization. The company operates through 74,042 employees worldwide.

Sales: $27 B

Profits: $8.1 B

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Ranking Methodology

1. Top 14 telecommunication equipment companies in the world are selected according to sales & profits.

2. Companies are sorted and separate lists of rankings are prepared according to sales & profits

3. Points are awarded to the companies according to their ranks with top company in a list given highest points, that is, 100 points.

4. Other companies in the list are given points according to the formula (new company/top company)* 100.

5. Points in different lists for a company are added to get the final points for a company.

6. The companies are then sorted from largest to smallest according to the final points.

7. Top 10 companies are then selected to prepare the original list.

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