Top 10 FMCG Companies in USA 2015

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4. Kimberly Clark

Kimberly-Clark Corporation is an American personal care corporation that is into producing paper-based consumer products.

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Kimberly-Clark brand name products include Kleenex facial tissue, Kotex feminine hygiene products, Cottonelle, Scott and Andrex toilet paper, Wypall utility wipes, KimWipes scientific cleaning wipes, and Huggies disposable diapers. The subsidiaries under Kimberly-Clark include Kimberly-Clark Health Care and Kimberly-Clark Professional.

John A .Kimberly with the support of few other people founded Kimberly, Clark and Co. in 1872. Paper mills were the group’s first business which the collective expanded through the next decades. Later the company in 1914 developed cellu-cotton, a surgical cotton product. Six years later, its introduction of Kotex brand, the first disposable feminine hygiene product marked a turning point in the company’s product history, as in the later years they developed several other successful personal care and sanitary products according to the requirement of the consumers and established their place in the market.

Initially the company was mainly a business paper company. Its joint venture with The New York Times in 1926 to build a newsprint mill in Canada was an example of this. But later under the leadership of Darwin Smith, the CEO during 1971-1991, the company moved from being a business paper company to a consumer paper products company. The company’s present CEO is Thomas Falk, who has been successfully leading the company from the early 2000s and has been the major driving force in its growth and expansion strategy throughout the world.

The company strives hard for following environmentally-friendly procedures in manufacturing and recycling their products.

Sales: $20.9 Billion

Profits: $1.5 Billion

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