Top 10 Automobile Brands in United Kingdom (UK) 2016

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2. Ford

Ford Motor Company is an American automaker which manufactures and sells passenger and commercial vehicles under the brand name Ford.

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The company has its headquarters in Michigan, United States and is a public company and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which not only shows its strong financial position but also it global appeal among car lovers. William Ford is the current Executive Chairman and Mark Fields is the current Chief Executive Officer.


Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, the company has a standalone reputation in auto industry. The company was the first to invent a moving assembly line to integrate the car parts. The company went public in 1956. The company today owns many brands like Lincoln, Troller, FPV, Mercury etc. apart from Ford brand. The company also owns stakes in other automobile companies like Aston Martin, Mazda, and Jiangling etc.

It also has joint ventures to support automobile operations in companies present in countries like China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. The company once owned United Kingdom’s luxury car makers Jaguar and Land Rover but they were sold off to Tata Motors in 2008. The company also owned Volvo till 2010. It also operated luxury car operations under the brand name Mercury till 2011 after which it was discontinued.

Talking about Ford’s cars, Mustang series is the one which made the company standout in 1970s. Mustang is the only series of cars which continues to be produced even now for the last five decades. Besides cars, the company also manufactures trucks, buses, tractors and automotive parts. It also has an automobile finance company called the Ford Motor Credit Company. Ford also took active part in Formula One Sports racing events by supplying engines to its racing teams. It owned a company called Cosworth which designed, manufactured and supplied engines to sports cars. Ford had also sponsored many sporting events and had been sponsoring UEFA Champions League for over two decades.

Number of Units Sold: 447000

Revenue (million $): 9469.93

Profit before tax (million $): 554.05

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