Top 10 Automobile Brands in United Kingdom (UK) 2016

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1. BMW

BMW is a German automaker known for manufacturing and selling luxury vehicles. The company headquarters are located in Munich, Germany.

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It also sells motor cycles along with cars in the luxury segment, which are among the most popular car brands across the world. It also the parent company for the world famous Rolls Royce motor cars, and the company also owns the Mini car brand which is famous in the United Kingdom.


BMW is traded on the Euro 50 Stock market index. Norbert Reithofer is the current supervisory Chairman.

The company’s founding days date back to 1917. It was initially started as an aircraft manufacturing business firm. After World War 1, it was forced to stop its operations. Then, it entered the automobile business. The first BMW car went on to roads in the year 1923. But, it continued producing aircraft engines till the end of World War 2 in 1945. In 1958, the company’s automobile division went into a financial crisis and the then board thought of shutting down the business. Then, it started producing the tiny cars which helped the company get back on track.

In 1994, the company purchased the British Rover Group that consisted of the brands Rover, Land Rover, MG, Austin and Morris. But by 2000, the group was incurring huge losses and it had to sell of the entire brands under the group. BMW is actively involved in sporting and racing events. The company has its own racing team and runs its own races. Many of the BMW powered engines won titles in Formula one racing. BMW holds a record to be ranked as world’s most sustainable company in automobile industry for many years. BMW sponsors the Bundesliga football club.

Number of Units Sold: 230982

Revenue (million $): 10894.12

Profit before tax (million $): 1090.18

Ranking Methodology:

1.All leading brands which sold cars in UK are considered

2.For each company, the number of units sold, revenues and profit before tax were considered, and were normalized to the highest value

3.Weights were assigned to each parameter i.e. Units sold (20%), revenue (40%) and profit (40%).

4.Based on this a final score was calculated and the top companies were ranked

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