Top 10 Pharma Companies in USA 2016

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5. Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences is credited with the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutics.

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The headquarter of Gilead Sciences is situated in Foster City, California, United States, and the company was founded in 1988. Initially the company was involved in the development of antiviral medicines, and ever since the company has grown on to become a global player in the industry.


29 Years old medical doctor, Michael L. Riordan started the company in 1988. A 28 years old company is at 5th rank in the list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in USA. The operations of the company are distributed in North America, Europe and Australia. Gilead Sciences is active in Biotechnology also other than Pharmaceutics. The main focus of the company was on antiviral drugs.

John C. Martin serves as the Executive Chairman of the company. He has been associated with the company since last 25 years. A total of 7900 employees work for Gilead Sciences as of 2015. Gilead is working continuously towards development of antiviral drug for treatment of HIV/AIDS. The company is working for this for more than 25 years.

In United States, around 70 percent of the HIV patients were prescribed Gillead's products for HIV treatment. Gilead is also attributed to the development of treatment for the liver virus hepatitis C. This treatment has the potential to cure almost 90% of the patients of hepatitis C.

The company had a revenue of $ 32639 million in 2015. Its total profits were $ 18108 million. The market capitalization of the company was at $ 148960 million.


Revenue: $ 32639 million

Net Profit/Loss: $ 18108 million

Market Capitalization: $ 148960 million 

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