Top 10 Pharma Companies in USA 2016

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1. Johnson & Johnson

There are high chances that you would have used Band-Aid sometime in your life. Band-Aid is associated with Johnson and Johnson.

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Johnson & Johnson tops the list of top 10 pharmaceutical companies in USA, and is a leading pharma brand across the world. Apart from medical devices and pharmaceutical, the company also manufactures consumer packaged goods.


Headquarter of Johnson and Johnson is situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Johnson and Johnson has around 250 subsidiary companies. Its operations are distributed in more than 57 countries.

Johnson and Johnson was incorporated in 1887 in New Jersey. The company was founded by Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson. The founders of the company were brothers. It began its operations to manufacture surgical dressings. Currently, Alex Gorsky serves as the CEO and Chairman of the company.

The company had a revenue of $ 70074 million in 2015. Its total profits were $ 15409 million. The market capitalization of the company was at $ 287850 million. For fiscal year 2015, the company invested $ 9 billion in research and development.130 years old company's strategies are based on its broad and deep knowledge of the health care landscape. Johnson and Johnson is planning to acquire hair-care company Vogue for $ 3.3 billion cash. It will strengthen the consumer products business of the company. Johnson and Johnson baby powder was alleged to have carcinogenic compound. Taking this into cognizance the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent notice to the company in March 2016.


Revenue: $ 70074 million

Net Profit/Loss: $ 15409 million

Market Capitalization: $ 287850 million

Ranking Methodology:

Step 1: Give rank scores to the companies on the basis of

Annual 2015 total revenue, net profit and market capitalization (For end of Dec 2015)

Step 2: Companies with higher figures higher rank score (15-1).

Step 3: Calculate average rank score by weighted average of all the scores (rank score by total revenue, net profit and market capitalization)

Step 4: Weightages given are (0.6 to total revenue, 0.3 to net profit and 0.1 to market capitalization)

Step 5: The higher the average rank score, better the rank. In case of tie of average scores, bank with higher market capitalization is given better rank.

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