Top 10 Iron and Steel Companies in the World 2016

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9. Kobe Steel (KOBELCO)

Kobe Steel is the Japanese major steel company founded in 1905 and headquartered in Kobe city, Japan; Kobe Steel engages in the manufacturing, producing and selling of iron and steel products.

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Its location in a major pot city in japan was useful in exporting and importing iron ore and coal. The Iron & Steel Business segment provides titanium and titanium alloys, steel wire rods and bars, steel sheets, steel billets, steel castings & forgings, slag products, foundry pig iron, stainless steel tube and few other specialty steel products.

Other business segments of Kobe Steel consist of wholesale power supply, construction machinery, Electrical machinery, real estate, and electronic materials etc.

Total assets for Kobe Steel at the end of FY15 decreased by 39 billion yen, compared with the end of FY14, to 2261 billion yen due to the decrease in securities and the increase in allowance for doubtful accounts, although cash and deposits increased. Due to the posting of net loss attributable to owners of the parent and other factors, net assets at the end of FY15 decreased 106 billion yen, compared with the end of FY14, to 745 billion yen. As a result, the net worth ratio at the end of FY15 was 30.7 percent, a decrease of 3.2 percentage compared with the end of FY14.

Net cash flows from operating activities amounted to 98 billion yen after posting loss before income taxes and non-controlling interests of nearly 11 billion yen and depreciation of 95 billion Yen. Net cash flows from investing activities amounted to (105 billion yen) due to the purchase of fixed assets and other items. Net cash flows from financing activities amounted to 94 billion yen due to the increase of borrowings and other items. At the end of fiscal year 2015, other debt, that includes IPP project financing, increased 112 billion yen, compared with the end of fiscal year 2014, to 789 billion yen.


Total Assets: $20.09 billion

Net Sales: $16.2 billion

Net Profits/Losses: - $299.29 million

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