Top 10 Conglomerates in USA 2016

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United States is well known for its conglomerates which have their presence all across the globe. US conglomerates have companies across industries like defense, banking & finance, media & broadcasting etc. The top American conglomerates include brands like Berkshire Hathaway, Alphabet, Johnson & Johnson, Comcast & Walt Disney along with companies like United Technologies, Dow Chemical Company, Honeywell, 3M and Lockheed Martin. Here is a list of the Top 10 Conglomerates in USA 2016.

10. Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is organized around these core Business areas: Aeronautics, Information Systems and Global Solutions, Missiles and Fire Control, Mission Systems and Training, and Space Systems.

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Aeronautics division of Lockheed is committed to persistent research & development of high performance aircraft, seeking low-cost, innovative design and manufacturing strategies. Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control is a recognized designer, manufacturer, and developer of aerospace and defense systems.

Along with that it also focuses on missile, rocket, manned and unmanned advanced combat systems for NASA, S Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and many more foreign allies. Lockheed Martin also provide Mission systems and training for surface, air and undersea applications for U.S military and international allies.

Lockheed is also into Directed Energy, Electronic Warfare, Ground vehicles, Logistics and Sustainment, Radar Systems, Biometrics, Cyber-security, Data Analytics, Health & Life Sciences, global communications, space exploration, weather forecasting, and national security and has joint ventures with United Launch Alliance, and United Space Alliance. It is also venturing into Emerging technologies such as Advanced Aeronautics, Advanced Manufacturing, Nano technology, Robotics, and Scientific Delivery.

Lockheed has ever since its inception in 1995 is committed towards engineering a better tomorrow by innovative solutions – Solutions that help puts the boundaries of scientific discovery, defend global security and deliver essential services to citizens around the globe.

Founded: 1995

Market Cap: $ 69.3 bn.

Revenue: $ 46.132 bn.

Net Income: $ 3.605 bn.

Total Assets: $ 49.128 bn.

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