Top 10 Conglomerates in USA 2016

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7. Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemical Company is a Multinational chemical company headquartered in Michigan.

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Dow Chemical Company provides chemical, plastic and agricultural products and services to consumers. The range of businesses the Dow Chemical Company is into are Agricultural Sciences, Infrastructure Solutions, Consumer Solutions, Performance chemicals and materials, and performance plastics.

Dow is the first company to have mined oceans for minerals. Dow has also been involved in many mergers and acquisitions including the merger of Union Carbide in 1999 which was then a second largest chemical company after DuPont. Dow Chemical Company is also the world’s largest chlorine producer and is also called “Chemical Company of Chemical companies” as it provides majority of its chemicals to other small chemical companies.

Dow believes in working closely with the customers and to deliver products and solutions with value and create competitive advantage while positively impacting the world. Dow Chemical Company has been successfully integration the power of science and technology and passionately innovating what is essential for human progress. Dow Chemical Company’s mission statement is to passionately create innovation for the stakeholders at the intersection of biology, chemistry, and physics. And its vision is to become the most valuable and respected science company in the world.

Founded: 1897

Market Cap: $ 59 bn.

Revenue: $ 48.778 bn.

Net Income: $ 7.685 bn.

Total Assets: $ 68.026 bn.

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