Top 10 Conglomerates in USA 2016

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2. Alphabet Inc 

Larry Page as CEO and Sergey Brin as President Alphabet is a Parent Holding company for Google.

Image: company website

Alphabet is a collection of companies, with google being the largest and also includes far afield companies. Alphabet was formed mainly to run things that are not related independently, and Alphabet also includes X lab which helps in incubating efforts like Wing a drone delivery effort.

Alphabet also plans to improve its ventures and capital as part of its new structure. Alphabet Inc. replaced Google as a publicly traded entity and all shares of google got converted into some shares of Alphabet. Alphabet got its name as it means collection of letters that represent a language, humanity’s most important innovation and they relate Google Search with the language. Also Alpha-bet gives the meaning “investment return above benchmark.”

Alphabet portfolio includes many industries such as Life Sciences, Technology, Investment Capital and Research. Google, Google-X (Now renamed as X), Google Life Sciences (Now renamed as Verily), Google Fiber, Jigsaw, Google Capital, Nest, Calico, GV are some of the reputed companies under this parent organization Alphabet. The tickr symbol of Alphabet are “GOOG” and “GOOGL”.

Inception of Alphabet is also a stride towards making Internet cleaner and more accountable.

Founded: 2015

Market Cap: $ 500.1 bn.

Revenue: $ 74.98 bn.

Net Income: $ 16.34 bn.

Total Assets: $ 147.46 bn.

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