Top 10 Conglomerates in USA 2016

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1. Berkshire Hathaway

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Berkshire Hathaway is an American Multi-National Conglomerate holding company.

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The wide range of businesses and Industries that Hathaway is in include Confectionaries, Rail-Road, retail, Jewelry sales, Newspaper Publishing, Electric and Gas Utilities, Encyclopedias, Manufacturers of Vacuum Cleaners etc. Berkshire Hathaway is a company run by the leadership of Warren Buffet who is the Chairman and Charlie Munger, the company’s Vice-Chairman.

Some reputed subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway are Berkshire Hathaway Assurance, Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, The Buffalo News, BNSF Railway (2nd Largest Freight line of USA), Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Duracell, Lubrizol, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, BNSF, GEICO(Auto-Insurance), RC Willey Home Furnishings (Furnishings), Helzberg Diamonds, MiTek, Oriental Trading Company, Richline Group, Flight Safety International, and Net Jets (Business Jet rentals). Berkshire Hathaway also holds minority interests in The Coca-Cola Company, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Global, Mastercard, Mondelez International, Visa Inc, Wal-Mart Stores Inc, IBM, Apple and Restaurant Brands International. It also holds an undisclosed amount of shares in Mars International.

Berkshire Hathaway is a company that almost never pays dividends to its shareholders. Its rationale is simple, “If you are an investor, would you have dividend to spend or invest at your peril?” Berkshire Hathaway is a company that looks for value and if it fits their criteria, it buys the entire company. After many years of applying this strategy, the result is the Top Conglomerate in US and in World.

Founded: 1839

Market Cap: $ 360.1 bn.

Revenue: $ 210.82 bn.

Net Income: $ 24.08 bn.

Total Assets: $ 552.25 bn.


Ranking methodology:

Step 1: 80 Conglomerates in US were selected

Step 2: Top 30 companies among these were shortlisted based on their Fortune Rankings

Step 3: 4 parameters Revenues, Profits, Net Income and total assets were noted down for the selected companies and Rankings pertaining to each parameter were given to the 30 companies

Step 4: A composite Rank for each company was decided by assigning 35% weightage for the Market Cap Ranking, 15% weightage for Revenue Ranking, 20% weightage for Net Income Ranking and 30% weightage for the Total Assets Ranking.

Step 5: Based on the composite rank we could arrive at the Top 10 Conglomerates of US

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