Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World 2016

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Chocolate is a comfort food that everyone loves to eat be it dark, white or milk chocolate. Chocolate is a mood-enhancer for a lot of people and romance-inducer for some. The top chocolates brands include Cadbury, Kinder, Hershey's, Snickers & Galaxy, and others like KitKat, Reese's, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt and Mars. Here is the list of the top 10 chocolate brands in the world 2016.

10. MARS

The chocolate that ranks tenth in our list of Top 10 Chocolate brands of the world is MARS.

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MARS is a British chocolate bar brand owned by MARS Inc., and was first manufactured in 1932, and is one of the leading chocolate brands worldwide. Mars, which was modelled after American Milky Way chocolate, is a delicious fusion of rich ingredients such as honey, nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate.


It comes in various sizes - king-size double bar also known as Mars Duo (85 g); the regular size single bar (58 g); miniature bars (sold in multiple packs) called Snack Time (36.5 g) and Fun Size (19.7 g). MARS is also an official sponsor of England national Football team and the Original MARS bar was customised and sold in Believe packaging in the UK from April 2006 until the end of the FIFA World Cup 2006 in July. MARS comes up with the tagline MARS a day helps you Work, Rest and Play. MARS was the first ever chocolate company to reduce the saturated fats in its bars to 8.3g per 100g, 45% less than the average of the top 25 chocolate brands.

MARS belongs to the company MARS Inc. which in total features 29 brands, including 5 billion-dollar global brands such as M&M’S, SNICKERS, DOVE/GALAXY, MARS/MILKY WAY and TWIX and many other world-class brands such as 3 Musketeers, Bounty, Wrigley’s, Skittles, and Orbit etc.

Approximately Three million MARS bars a day are produced at the UK plant in Slough. The delicious taste along with its beautiful packing makes it one of the top chocolate brands in the world with sales of approximately over a billion US$.

Revenues (US$ Bn)= 1.058

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