Top 10 Chocolate Brands in the World 2016

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5. Galaxy

The chocolate that ranks sixth in our list of Top 10 Chocolate brands of the world is Galaxy/Dove.

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Galaxy is a chocolate brand made and marketed by Mars Inc Manufactured in United Kingdoms in 1960, and it got its name from Dove Ice Cream & Candies, which was Chicago sweet shop owned by Leo Stefanos, a Greek-American. The Dove brand is known for its messages on the inside of the wrapper of each chocolate piece.


Galaxy has multiple variants including chocolate bars in dark & milk chocolate, Cookie Crumble, caramel, and Fruit & Nut varieties, Minstrels, Ripple, Amicelli, Duetto, Bubbles, Promises, and Truffle. Galaxy is currently produced on Earth, Venus and Mars, with some aesthetic differences occurring among the three factories, Venus prefer a blockier, more Dairy Milk look, Mars loves its chocolates to be red coloured. It contains only 0.1% cocoa, due to the heavy amount of milk used to produce the chocolate bar. The huge amount of milk gives Galaxy its creamy taste.

Galaxy is sold in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Middle cost, Morocco, India, Pakistan and Egypt. Galaxy was ranked the second best-selling chocolate bar in the UK, after Cadbury dairy milk. It is sold as Dove in many countries worldwide and especially Continental Europe. The Galaxy and Dove brands also market a range of products such as ready-to-drink chocolate milk, chocolate cakes, hot chocolate powder, ice creams and more. A virtual Audrey Hepburn features in a 2013 advertising campaign by Galaxy eating a piece of Galaxy chocolate in a 1960s Mediterranean settings, and Arjun Rampal was in Indian advertising campaign.

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