Top 10 FMCG Companies in Australia 2016

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5. Blackmores Limited

The top natural health company of Australia, Blackmores, specializes in vitamin, minerals and nutritional supplements to become synonymous with natural healthcare in the country.

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Maurice Blackmore, a pioneer naturopath, established Blackmore over 80 years back. Its naturopathic legacy affects the way it approach wellbeing conditions by drawing on the conventional utilization of herbs as medications and consolidating this with the most recent information of nutrition.

The company has a keep focus on research and development, minimizing their environmental impact and supporting the local community to be perceived as an employer of choice.

It has a variety of more than 250 vitamins, minerals and supplements which are created in-house by specialists utilizing high quality ingredients from around the globe. They offer customers a wide range of services, including free Naturopathic Advisory Service (utilized by more than 50,000 individuals a year) and an award-winning website, which acts as an important tool for spreading awareness and wellbeing.

The company has shown deep commitment towards ecological and social issues. Ex. It has partnered with the World Wildlife Fund Sustainable Fish Oils Partnership, and supporting group associations and activities. The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival raises a great many dollars for various philanthropic societies.

Blackmores Limited is an ASX 100 listed organization with more than 1,000 employees in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The Group comprises of BioCeuticals, a supplier of healthcare nutrition and restorative supplements and Immaculate Animal Wellbeing (PAW), extending its experience and energy to wellbeing of animals. In 2012, it has launched the Blackmores Institute, which is a focal point of excellence for healthcare research. It has extended operations to countries like China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Japan with a commitment to expand the benefits of healthcare throughout the globe.

Market Cap (in Bn $)= 2.384

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