Top 10 Banks in UK 2016

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1. Barclays

Barclays is one of the biggest transatlantic corporate, consumer and investment bank.

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Barclays has many portfolio in the banking market which produce significant returns to the company, and personal & Corporate banking and Barclaycard together generates significant share of the profit the organization yields. The company’s strategic actions bring the complete restructuring and emerge out as a simple and profitable company.

The strategy of Barclay is to strength out as a transatlantic consumer, corporate & investment bank which will focus on two biggest financial centers of the world, London & New York. This strategy clearly defines the two divisions of the organization, Barclays UK and Barclays Corporate and International. Barclays UK include UK retail bank, customer credit card business and other traditional banking business. These businesses play a role of committed service provider to the people and business in UK. The business has 22 million retail customers and a million business banking credits. It is second largest wealth manager in UK and biggest card issuer in England. Barclays has almost 11 million card holding customers in UK.

The total assets of the company has decreased 238 bn Euro to 1,120 bn Euro. The cash and balances has increased to 51 bn Euro. During this financial year, the reverse repurchase agreements has been designated at fair value to align better to the way business manages functions. This has resulted in increase of 44 bn Euro in the account. The profit after tax of the group reduced 2% in the financial year 2015 to 5403 Mn Euro and the total operating expenses decreased by 6% to 16998 Mn Euro as a result of huge savings from strategic cost programmes implemented during the period.

Total Revenue: 24528 Mn Euro



In order to find the top 10 Banks in the United Kingdom, top 16 banks were chosen and its total revenue for each bank was calculated. The revenue will be income by interest and other such sources. The revenue was converted into million Euro to facilitate comparison.

The banks are sorted as per these total revenue in the financial year 2015 and found the Top 10 Banks in the United Kingdom.

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