Top 10 Tyre Companies in India 2016

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Established in 1958 and headquartered in Mumbai, it is the flagship company of the RPG Enterprises which acquired CEAT in 1981.

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Apart from being one of the leading players in the Indian tyre industry with a market share of 12%, it exports to more than 110 countries across all continents, Middle East and South Asia being two key markets, and it manufactures more than 95,000 tyres per day for all types of vehicles – Cars, motorcycles, autos, trucks and tractors. It earns 50% of its revenue from the truck and bus and specialty/farm tyre vehicles.


It combined manufacturing capacity is 800 MT/day across plants in Halol, Nashik, Bhandup (Mumbai) and other outsources capacities. It also has a research and development facility in Halol that allows it to develop new products for the markets.

It has a focus on market share expansion and expand into more profitable segments and create a strong brand name in domestic as well as international markets. It was ranked among Asia’s Top 100 marketing brands by World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC). It sponsored the MTV Chase the Monsoon season 3. It collaborated with Party Hard Drivers to promote safe driving. It is also associated with cricket through the CEAT cricket ratings.

Also it focusing on new products to differentiate itself. In the Italy market, it launched CEAT Ecodrive and CEAT SecuraDrive. While the former is designed for low rolling tyre resistance required during city driving the latter is developed for higher wet grip to enhance safety during highway driving. Also the new low rolling resistance patterns on tyres for hatch backs and entry level sedans claim to save as much as 7% on the fuel consumption. It developed a special tyre product, Milaze, for Toyota Innova that can last upto 100,000 kms. It has developed its Pro Gripp line of tyres that aim to enhance the stability and grip of scooters.

Market Capitalization: Rs 3540 Cr

Net Sales: Rs. 5591.66 Cr

Production: 800 MT/day

Net Profit: Rs 299 Cr

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