Top 10 Automobile Companies in USA 2016

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8. Hyundai

Headquartered in Fountain Valley, CA, Hyundai Motor America is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Co., Korea.

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Started in 1968, Hyundai's automotive history began when they trained with Ford Motor Company, and have ever since become a leading player in the American car industry. Initially, Hyundai set up its US headquarters in Garden Grove, California, while the Hyundai American Technical Center, Inc was set up in Chino, California in 1985.


Hyundai Excel was the first car to be exported to the United States. Hyundai Motor America is responsible for distribution of Hyundai vehicles all through the United States. The vehicles are sold and overhauled through more than 800 dealerships across the country. Designed in California, engineered in Michigan and manufactured in Alabama, more than a half portion of the vehicles offered domestically are built in the United States.

The company has a mechanically advanced assembling office in Montgomery, Alabama, building offices in Michigan, in addition to outline, research, and testing grounds in California. In all, Hyundai Motor America employs around 5,000 employments to American car laborers. Add to that total, the company employs more than 32,000 representatives at Hyundai dealerships and 6,000 specialist workers are utilized by their different vendors.

Hyundai Motor America (HMA) manufactures, sales and services the Elantra, Sonata, and other Hyundai vehicles for the US market. Its Hyundai Motor Manufacturing office, a standout amongst the most developed in North America, is in charge of delivering more than half of the Hyundai cars sold in the US. The organization likewise operates research facilities, engineering and design. HMA distributes Hyundai vehicles across the nation, which are sold and serviced through a system of more than 820 dealerships. The organization represents almost 30% of its South Korean parent’s sales.

Revenue (in bill $)= 21.70

Profit (in bill $)= 1.35

Unit Sold (in million units) = 1.4256

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