Top 10 Car (Automobile) Companies in India 2017

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7. Renault

Renault S.A., with its headquarters in France, is a leading automobile manufacturer in the world.

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It is present in as many as 118 countries of the world, majorly in the premium segment.  Being a multinational company, it is listed on many stock exchanges of the world, most prominent being the New York stock exchange and Paris stock exchange.  Renault India Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Renault S.A. and is currently offering five models in the Indian market and they are Scala, the premium sedan, the SUV Duster, the compact MPV Fluence, Pulse, the ultimate compact car and Kwid, a budget car.


Being a right hand driven market, Duster, being a premium selling car of Renault is also exported from India to many other right-hand driving countries of the world.  With a world class facility located at Chennai, it is also headquartered at the same city.  Soon, Renault and Nissan entered into an alliance to tap the world market. Indian market gained a lot from this, not only in terms of better technology and better designs, but also affordability and popularity among the Indian masses.

Renault Duster was marketed by John Abraham in his movie Madras Café.  They have worked on many reliable technologies that focus on the safety of their customers, like optimized braking system with ABS and Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), the ESP (driving) with control and CSV under steer chassis "Four Control" four wheels, that not only provide an ultimate driving experience to its customers but also it has an eye for the CSR activities in India, which focuses mainly on road safety and education.  It converts students into road safety ambassadors. Since its launch in India, it has focused on not only innovation, but also adding parameters that add more to the safety of its cars. It shares the spirits of all festivals like Diwali, Chrishtmas with unfortunate orphan children by giving them an opportunity to spend that one day in utmost luxury with normal families. Its focus on CSR activities is not just limited to environmental protection and road safety but also towards spreading more and more smiles.

Number of cars sold: 135359

Market Share: 4.5%

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