Top 10 Car (Automobile) Companies in India 2017

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6. Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese company, headquartered in Toyota, Japan.

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It is ranked at third position behind General Motors and Volkswagen, to be the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, primarily owing to the tsunami that struck Japan in 2011 or else it could have been at first position in the world. It is largest in terms of selling the highest number of hybrid vehicles in the world.


Japanese technology advantage and many Operations management concepts like Just-in-time and Lean Manufacturing owe their existence to Toyota Production System. It is at first position in Japan. Any manufacturing technique that eliminates wastage of any kind, in terms of raw materials or time, is termed as being the Toyota way. Many Japanese concepts of OM like Kaizen, having the smallest correction facility, etc. because they believe in making it correct the first time.  TPS, the Toyota Production System, focuses on sustainable advancement of society through its environment friendly cars. Post World War II destruction, Japan rose to become the automobile hub in the world, next only to Germany.

It serves the complex hatch back market in Europe, as well as the sedan market of the U.S.A. continuously driving towards improvement in its technology and quality of its products. They back their cars with reliable customer post sales services and believe in giving their customers a firsthand driving experience than any other competitor. Employee focus is another important pillar of their foundation and they continuously work on building trust among them. Through constant improvement and priority for people, they strive towards entrusting whole of their resources for making world class products. Headquartered in Bangalore, Toyota Kirloskar in India, Toyota leads the way of future mobility. Protecting the environment has been their first priority, making eco friendly engines all the while.  At their heart lies constant innovation and transparency in all their operations worldwide.  With a presence in more than 160 countries worldwide, it works on a simple principle “Think Globally but act locally”, which makes it to suit and design their vehicles according to the local needs of that market.  They have partnered with many governments of many countries, ensuring overall development of that nation. Like any other responsible company, it has a strong Whistle Blower policy in place that protects any person who raises his voice against any corruption noticed within the boundaries of the company.

Number of cars sold: 137140

Market Share: 4.7%

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