Top 10 Car (Automobile) Companies in India 2017

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5. Honda Motors India

Honda Motors, Japanese multinational automobile company, headquartered at Tokyo, Japan is one of the top car companies.

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It is the world’s largest manufacturer of Internal Combustion engines (not only for automobiles, but also for ships, power equipment, aircraft) by volume.  It has its listings on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, as well as exchanges in Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, London, Paris and Switzerland. It has its presence on all the 6 continents of the world.

Being Japan’s second largest automobile manufacturer (only behind Toyota), it is the world’s eighth largest manufacturer and seller of automobiles. The highest sales of its automobiles come from North America alone. Its two patented engines technologies – i-VTEC and i-DTEC, for petrol and diesel engines respectively, ensures maximum environmental responsibility with unparalleled mileage and high power production at least maintenance. Japan being a country where compactness plays more than spacious luxury, it was the first company to release a brand dedicated solely to luxury, Acura, in the year 1986. Apart from core automobiles, it has presence in other industries as well like power equipments, aircraft, personal watercraft, and through huge investments in R&D centers across worldwide, it has carved a niche for itself in the world of advanced technology, with involvement in Artificial Intelligence, robotics (ASIMO robots launched in 2000 which can walk like any human being independently) and Aero engines.

With an eye for the environment, it manufactures engines that work on flexible fuels, electricity, hydrogen fuel cells and has assembly plants across many countries across the globe, like Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, New Zealand, India and many more to save costs of transportation. Each country has its own headquarters and it is in Greater Noida in India. Honda's global lineup consists of the Fit, Civic, Accord, Insight, CR-V, CR-Z, City, Brio, Amaze, some vehicles specific to India. Honda, despite being known as an engine company, has never built a V8 for passenger vehicles although it planned to do so but it dropped the plan citing environmental and worldwide economic conditions as the reason. It installs a V6 engine in its luxury vehicles to maintain power with fuel economy. It is now totally focusing on vehicles that run on electricity, Hydrogen fuel and other renewable fuels.  Honda Cars India Ltd (HCIL) started as a partial subsidiary of Honda of Japan for the manufacturing and assembling, marketing and export of passenger cars in India. Honda today where it stands, tastes global success. Its founder, Mr. Soichiro Honda, had a vision with a challenging spirit at the core of which lied never stopping innovation and striving for world class quality and technology.

Number of cars sold: 157313

Market Share: 4.8%

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