Top 10 Coffee Chain Brands in the World 2017

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8. Dunkin Donuts

This was founded in the year 1950. This has a history of about sixty seven years.


This was founded in Quincy, United States, and the headquarter of Dunkin Donuts is located is Canton, United States. Dunkin Donuts is not a public listed company, and has a strong presence all over the world with its franchises available globally.

The founder of this company is William Rosenberg. This is a subsidiary of famous brand called the Dunkin Brands. This is mainly into food and beverages industry. This chain is present worldwide. The total number of locations where it is present is 11000. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of this company is Nigel Travis. The various products that are being produced by this company are sandwiches,beverages that are both hot and cold, Iced beverages, Baked goods, Frozen Beverages and also soft drinks. The parent of this is Dunkin Brands. The total revenue of this Dunkin Donuts apart from the total brand is 0.83 US billion dollars. It has about twelve hundred restaurants which are spread around thirty six countries. Initially the competitor for this company are Mister Donuts. Later this Mister Donuts was acquired by Allied Lyons. This Allied Lyons were later given a chance to change the name of their  donuts to Dunkin Donuts and were sold under this brand from that time. Thus it started acquiring its competitors by expanding its chain. This is the eighth largest coffee chains in the world.

Revenues in billions: $0.829

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