Top 10 Coffee Chain Brands in the World 2017

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2. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee was founded in the year 1971, and it was founded 46 years ago in London.

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The headquarters of this is in Dunstable, England, and the founders of this company are Bruno Costa and Sergio Costa. Costa Coffee serves various products like Coffee, tea, iced teas etc, and it also serves pastries, sandwiches.


This coffee is served all over the world. The coffee is being served in 3400+ locations worldwide. The CEO of this industry is Dominic Paul. He is one of the key peoples for the success of this company. This is not a public listed company. The net income as of 2016 is 153 million Euros. The parent company of this industry is Whitebread PLC.  The revenue of this company is 3.77 US billion dollars.  It initially used to caterer the special Italian coffee to many coffee shops. It is the subsidy of Whitebread. The taste of the coffee makes the customers feel like revisiting the shops. The main secret behind their coffee is slow roasting the coffee beans. It is one of the largest coffee chains in UK. In terms of revenue, this Costa Coffee is the second largest chains in the world. It serves different kinds of beverages like Costa Light, Flat White, Ice Cold Costa etc. It provides Loyalty card to all its customers. The customer having this card will have some percent of discount when they revisit the store. This is one of the ways they show gratitude towards their customers.

Revenues in billions: $3.77

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