Top 10 Coffee Chain Brands in the World 2017

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1. Starbucks

It was founded in March 31st, 1971 and Seattle in US was its birth place.

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The headquarters of Starbucks is in 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, US and Jerry Baldwin was the founder of this company, and the other founders are Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker. This is a public listed company and is present all over the world.


It operates with wide variety of coffee chains around the world. The total number of locations it was present is 24,464 locations. The executive Chairman of Starbucks is Howard Schultz. The CEO of this company is Kevin Johnson. Among the wide variety of products it produces, the following are the categories of the products: smoothies, tea, baked goods, coffee beverages, sandwiches. The total number of employees operating: 238,000. The total assets of the company are 12.45 billion US dollars. The Net income of the company is 2.76 billion US dollars. The revenue of this company as of 2016 is 21.30 US million dollars. The revenue of starbucks is so high making it the first largest coffee chain in the world. This uses coffee beans that were bought from Arabia, adding a different flavor to its products. Apart from the coffee, the experience we get in the store is so pleasing. The music that we hear in the store is so pleasing. We get pastries, Tazo teas etc which tingles our taste buds. They treat the customers in a different way making the customer feel to visit the store once again.

Revenues in billions: $21.3

Rank Methodology:

1. The leading coffee chain brands are considered for the ranking

2. For each brand, the latest revenues are taken in USD billion

3. Based on the revenues the companies are evaluated and the final ranks are calculated

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