Top 10 Media & Broadcasting Companies in the World 2017

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1. Comcast

Established in the year 1963, Comcast Corp is a media, communication and entertainment firm involved in providing services in phone, video and internet to the customers in US.

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The company was started by Ralph J Roberts, Julian A Brodsky and Daniel Aaron, and currently has it’s headquarter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast operates majorly through 5 segments of Cable Networks, Broadcast Television, Cable communications, Theme parks and Filmed entertainment.


Inspired by rich heritage Comcast has the experience, creativity and leadership to shape the future of media and technology topping the list of fortune 500 broadcasting and cable industries in terms of its performance and business services it provides.

Its core values revolves to earn respect and trust from its customers, share holders and members of society where 153000 employees strive to shape the future of media and technology. The four core values include community investment through digital literacy, youth education and leadership, by providing the best media to its customers and philanthropic efforts. The second of its value includes diversity and inclusion which best strives to get in innovation in their services, the third one being sustainability by going green and forth one being integrity in doing business. When it comes to its philanthropic acts Comcast offers low cost internet and cable services to schools through US E-rate program. Innovation, passion and entrepreneurialism had driven Comcast to create businesses and reshape the industries with its vision taking it forward to embrace the future through inspired view on what is possible.

Thus Comcast is a company which reimagines the industry, invent new technologies and creates theme park, movies that convert experiences of millions people in to thrill and entertainment every day. They turn every customers feedback into great app experiences and create powerful experience to millions.

Revenue: $ 80.4 billion

Profit: $ 8.7 billion

Ranking Methodology:

Step 1: Top 20 companies were shortlisted based on their sales and revenue

Step 2: 3 Parameters Revenues, Net income were scaled using Min-Max Normalization

Step 3: Normalized values were weighted with 50% Revenue, 50% Net income

Step 4: Based on the values, ranking was done

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