Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in USA 2017

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4. Adobe

Adobe is a multinational company which deals in computer software.


The company is based out of America and have headquartered in San Jose, California. A creativity and multimedia software product was the field in which adobe has previously focussed but recently it has forayed in software development and rich internet applications.


Photoshop which is for editing image is the flagship software by adobe. Other product includes Acrobat Reader, Portable document format and Adobe creative Suite and its successor Adobe Creative Cloud. Charles Geschke and John Warnock founded adobe in year 1982 when they left Xerox Parc for the sake developing and selling the Post Script page description language. Apple computer in 1985 sparked revolution in desktop publishing by licensing post script use in it’s laser printers.

By 2015, Adobe Systems has around 15,000 representatives worldwide, around 40% of whom were working in San Jose. Adobe additionally has improvement operations in Minneapolis, Minnesota; New York City, New York; Newton, Massachusetts;; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Seattle, Washington; Lehi, Utah; San Luis Obispo and San Francisco California , United States.

Revenue ($Bn): 5.8

Net Profit ($ Bn): 1.168

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