Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in USA 2017

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2. Oracle

Oracle Corporation is a multinational company which specializes in computer technology and is headquartered in Redwood Shores, California.

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It offers databases, applications, storage, servers and cloud technologies to give a boost to modern businesses. To be flexible to unique needs of businesses oracle offers a wide range of model in cloud deployment, systems and software.

Oracle cloud is a complete set of platform, infrastructure and application services which with advanced security and scalability helps enterprises in technical agility, connects people to information for clearer insights and through simplified workflows fosters efficiency. So far oracle has 420000 customers across 195 countries that have benefitted by oracle in accelerating their digital transformation. It was founded in year 1978 by Bob Miner and Ed Oates along with Larry Ellison by the name Software Development Laboratories. Elision was the idea generator for Oracle who derived inspiration from a paper written in 1970 by Edgar. Codd on RDMS.

In 1979 SDL renamed itself to relational software,Inc and then in 1982 to Oracle system Corporation to be more aligned with its famous product oracle database. In 1995 it again changed its name to Oracle Corporation. The early success of oracle was due to the C programming language which oracle used to implement in its products which enabled switching to various operating systems.

Revenue ($Bn): 37.04

Net Profit ($ Bn): 8.9

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