Top 10 Information Technology (IT) Companies in USA 2017

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1. Microsoft

Microsoft is a world leading company which provides platforms for mobile phone and computers.

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Mission of this firm is to help every company and every person on this planet get more through its products and services. Microsoft is the name given to Microsoft Corporation and its affiliated companies which includes Microsoft mobile OY which is a subsidy of Microsoft and distributes nokia X and Asha and Lumia mobile phones and other devices.

It was founded in year 1975 by William H gates III. It is currently headed by Mr Satya Nadella and is worldwide leader in software. Products which Microsoft has in the market are Office, Skype (video calling) Internet Explorer, Windows Operating Systems, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Dynamics (Enterprise Software), Xbox (computer game industry), and Mobile and so on. Known administrations offered by Microsoft incorporates MSN, Bing web index MSDN,, TechNet, Visual Studio, One Drive Bing web index MSDN, Azure. The solution which company provides help industries to save a lot on developments and customizations. The result which Microsoft dynamics has shown in government and public sector, retail, financial service, telecommunication and manufacturing sectors proves the value of the products offered.

Making acquisition is a part of its growth strategy and have increasingly diversified itself from operating system market. It acquired Skype in year 2011 for $8.5 billion and in 2016 it acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. It is having its head quarter in Redmond Washington and have market capitalisation of $546.88 billion with profit in year in 2016 $16.8 billion.

Revenue ($Bn): 85.32

Net Profit ($ Bn): 16.798


Rank Methodology

1. The leading IT companies are USA are considered

2. Various parameters like revenues, marcap, net profits are taken into consideration

3. Based on weighted averages, the final ranks are calculated

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