Top 10 Telecom Companies in USA 2017

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7. CenturyLink

CenturyLink, Inc. is an American media communications organization, headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana.

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The company gives interchanges and information administrations to private, business, legislative, and discount clients in 37 states. An individual from the S&P 500 file, the organization works as a nearby trade bearer and Internet get to supplier in USA advertises.


It is the third-biggest broadcast communications organization in the United States as far as lines served, behind AT&T and Verizon. It likewise gives long distance services as well. The earliest ancestor of CenturyLink was the Oak Ridge Telephone Company in Oak Ridge, Louisiana, which was possessed by F. E. Hogan, Sr. In 1930, Hogan sold the organization, with 75 paid subscribers, to William Clarke and Marie Williams, for $500. They moved the switchboard to the Williams family front parlor. In 1946, the Williams' child, Clarke McRae Williams, got responsibility for family's phone organization as a wedding gift. In 1947, Clarke Williams took in the phone organization in Marion, Louisiana was available to be purchased. With an advance from business relate Joe Sydney Carter, Clarke bought the Marion Telephone Company and in the end made it his base of operation as he developed his organization through more acquisitions. CenturyLink still keeps up workplaces in the previous central command building. The organization stayed as a family-worked business until it ended up noticeably consolidated in 1968. The company has a subscriber base of 17.36 million users (31st December, 2016). During the Financial Year 2016, it earned a total revenue of $16,255 million and a Net Profit of $2,300 million.

Revenue (in Million $): 1625

Net Profit (in Million $): 2300

Customers (in Million): 17.36

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