Top 10 Agricultural Countries by GDP Contribution 2017

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8. Japan

Japan is a sovereign island nation in East Asia and is considered as a great power.

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It is a member of the UN, the OECD, the G7, the G8 and the G20 nations. Japan is the world’s third-largest economy by nominal GDP only next to China and the US, and world’s fourth largest economy by purchasing power parity, after the United States, China and India.


It is also ranked fourth in the import and export categories as well. Japan’s agriculture sector consisting of farming and fishing forms the primary sector of industry which accounts for only 1.3% of the total country’s GDP. Only twenty percent of the land is considered arable for cultivation and the agricultural economy is also highly subsidized. Government regulations favor small-scale cultivation instead of large-scale agriculture. But the current concern about farming is that the current farmers are aging and unable to find successors as the sector doesn’t seem that much attractive and lucrative.

Rice, wheat, potatoes and barley are the major contributors to the sector. Rice paddies occupy most of the country sides and intercropping is common in the country. Rice accounts for most of the Japan’s cereal production and is the most protected crop subject to a tariff of 777%.

Japanese fishing industry has been long centered on the Tsukiji fish market and maintains one of the world’s largest fishing nets which accounts for nearly 15% of the global catch. Japan has greatly advanced in the techniques of aquaculture.

Agriculture Contribution to GDP: 1.2%

Agriculture GDP (Million $): 56764

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