Top 10 Global Mobile Phone Brands in 2018

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Mobile Phones have become inherent part of our lives. Smartphones have revolutionized the way people use mobiles today. Consumer preferences are dynamically changing and hence it's a world of latest style and innovation for these top global mobile phone brands. High resolution cameras, quicker processors, stylish look, design, new options, style etc are what the consumer needs, and the top phone brands and new rising mobile companies are exploiting these options to differentiate from their competitors. The list of top mobile brands includes Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, LG followed by ZTE, Alcatel and Lenovo. The leading global mobile phone brands comprise of leading players which have a strong global presence. Customers have a wide range of handsets to choose from the various offerings from the biggest mobile phone brands. Here is the list of the top 10 mobile phone brands in the world in 2018 as per shipment units, sales and profit.

Quick Glance :

Below are the biggest and top mobile brands in 2018:

1st Place : Samsung

2nd Place : Apple

3rd Place : Huawei

4th Place : Oppo

5th Place : Vivo

6th Place : Xiaomi

7th Place : LG

8th Place : Lenovo

9th Place : ZTE

10th Place : Alcatel-Lucent

For More details about rankings and parameters, read on.

Top Mobile Phone Brands 2018 Ranking with Parameters (Shipment, Sales, Profit):

10. Alcatel-Lucent

Established in 2004, Alcatel-Lucent is French based smartphone organization, having a strong global footprint.

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In 2006 Alcatel was merged to US based company Lucent to form Alcatel-Lucent enterprise. This merger was done as both the companies were confronting extreme rivalry in the telecommunications industry, and looking back, it has worked in favor of the companies.


In 2016 Alcatel-Lucent was acquired by Nokia mobile company but still it carries the name Alcatel-Lucent enterprise. This acquisition was done to make it a strong contender to the opponent firms like Sony Ericsson and Huawei, whom Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent had outperformed in terms of total income in 2014. The flagship product of Alcatel-Lucent is OneTouch series. Alcatel-Lucent has international presence in 170 countries, which shows why it deserves to be a part of the top global mobile brands worldwide. The company has a robust client base attributable to its specialization in technological innovation and additionally offers its customers with custom-made solutions for their specific desires. Alcatel-Lucent shipments are around 50 million units during a year. The premium brands of Alcatel-Lucent are Pixi, Idol and Pop ranges. The company recently launched A50, A30 plus, Idol 5S, Pop 4 plus smartphone mobiles. Alcatel-Lucent has been able to incorporate virtual reality in their Idol 4 and Idol 4s series. Alcatel-Lucent had a market share of 1.3% in 2017. Alcatel is 10th in the list of top phone brands 2018.

Units Shipped (Million) : 20

Profit (in million $): 218

Sales (in million $): 15,149

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