Top 10 IT Companies in World 2022

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In this article, we have prepared a list of top IT companies in world 2022 using business parameters like Revenue and Net Income. The Information Technology (IT) sector has been growing since many years and with renewed focus on technology, automation and software, the sector is seeing further growth in 2021-2022. During the pandemic, the focus of many sectors turned to Information Technology companies in order to streamline their systems and processes to enable the remote work, sales, marketing and even manufacturing.

2020 and 2021 saw rise in IT investment and growth of software services, products and tools. Technologies like IOT, cloud computing, online security etc. have been the focus areas of the IT services being served to clients across different verticals like BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Telecom etc. by the these top software companies. Majority of the IT services happen in US and Asia, which contribute to one-third of the overall global business worldwide.

Top IT Companies in the World 2022 by Revenue & Net Income:

The list of top IT companies include Microsoft, IBM, Accenture followed by product companies like Oracle, SAP and other big IT services brands like Deloitte, TCS, Capgemini, Cognizant etc. The top information technology companies are leading innovation in consulting, outsourcing, technology and services in the world. Here is the list of the top 10 Information Technology (IT) companies in the world 2022.

Rank 1. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, and is one of the largest companies in the world.

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The products like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer etc. is being used by almost by almost every professional in the world.

Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on 4, April, 1975, and it has expanded its market share by diversifying its services from operating system market to other various software products. It also took advantage of inorganic growth i.e. improve its revenue by acquiring no. of companies. Lastly Microsoft has acquired Linkedin which is considered to be largest acquisition for 26.2 billion dollars in 2016 and also it has acquired skype technologies for 8.5 billion dollars in the year 2011. There is a new paradigm shift in technology with the rapidly evolving environment and Microsoft is trying to lead this new era as a front runner. Looking forward Microsoft is focusing on new innovative technologies like Machine Learning, AI and cloud computing to drive new growth that can help them building their own digital capability and provide robust solutions for various users.

Microsoft has modernized itself a lot in the last decade. Apart from operating system, office and gaming, they have consolidated in IT software and services with products like Dynamics and CRM. They have also started collaboration and services through sharepoint, teams, apps etc.

There is a huge surge in the growth rate of gaming industry and Microsoft is investing huge amount in $100 billion Gaming industry. They have around half million live member network of XBOX users. They want Microsoft to be the company of gamers to play the games they want, on the device they want and with the people they want. Microsoft Corporation strategically prioritizing their investments to capture the expanding markets opportunities. They are expanding their existing data centres and they are bringing Azure to various regions globally more than any other cloud services provider and with the best compliance coverage in the IT industry. Microsoft is on 1st Rank in Top Information Technology (IT) companies in the world 2021.

Revenue: $168 billion

Net Income: $61 Billion

Rank 2. IBM

International Business Machine (IBM) is an American MNC and is operational in more than 150 countries.

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The company was established originally as computing recording company but was later renamed as IBM (International Business Machines) in 1924. IBM headquarter is present in Armonk, New York, and it has a diverse portfolio of software products and services which they are further expanding to cater the current growing needs of existing and new users. Major areas from where it earns its revenue are cloud computing, cognitive computing, data analytics and Internet of things, IT infrastructure and security. IBM’s revenue is growing at a double digit rate. During 2017 they successfully strengthened their position as a leading enterprise for providing cloud services and block chain leader for the business.

IBM believes in high R&D investment due to which company holds the record for most patents generated by business. IBM has the highest workforce and company is known for its employee friendly schemes like the company was among the first corporations to provide group life insurance. IBM is one of the world’s largest employer with nearly around 380,000 employees. Looking ahead, IBM is positioning uniquely to help clients and users to use AI and data analytics to build smarter businesses. Over the past years IBM invested aggressively in technology and its people but senior leadership also considering IBM to position in key high value segments of the IT industry like AI, blockchain, cloud computing and information security. IBM is on 2nd Rank in Top IT companies in the world 2021.

Revenue: $ 57 billion

Net Income: $5.7 Billion

Rank 3. Accenture

Accenture has been listed in fortune global 500 companies and is one of the largest Information Technology (IT) companies.


It is a global management consultancy firm which provides professional services like strategy, consulting, technology and operations services. Accenture started as the business and tech consulting firm of accounting firm which was named as Arthur Andersen. In the year 1989, it separated and Andersen consulting adopted its current name Accenture which means accent of the future. The company has a head count of more than 400,000 employees worldwide. Accenture has various business units and all business units have unique contribution in Accenture’s overall revenue generation. Accenture consulting provides mobility services and digital marketing analytics. Accenture technology focusses on research and development, technology solution implementation, technology labs for emerging technologies. Accenture strategy provides technology strategy services, business strategy and operation strategy services.

Investments by Accenture in the future-

Digital: Accenture has been recognized as largest provider of digital marketing services.

Cloud: Accenture is helping various companies to migrate to the cloud to realize the benefit of increased agility at lower speed.

Security: For various clients they are providing enhanced capabilities for advanced security and increased productivity. In 2017 their investment has almost been double in acquisition to become more relevant and grow continuously through inorganic and strategic acquisition. Accenture is on 3rd Rank in Top IT companies in the world.

Revenue: $51 Billion

Net Income: $5.1 Billion

Rank 4. Oracle

Oracle corporation headquarter is located in Redwood Shores California and it is one of the renowned American MNC.

Image: pixabay

Oracle has second highest revenue in software industry after Microsoft with an employee base of around 1,35,000. The company is widely known for its ERP solutions, database development and management, supply chain management software and Customer relationship management software. Oracle has a wide customer base having more than 400,000 customers across the globe and has their presence across wide variety of industries in more than 150 countries. Oracle is known for its user friendly applications and always try to eliminate the complexities from the applications they build like applications ranging from data centre operations to cloud applications which can be road block for business innovation, speed, flexibility, manageability, reliability, security and engineering.

It enable its customers by providing smart solutions which add value to their business as well as their users and customers. Oracle has more than 16,000 patents worldwide. The company is focusing majorly on building intelligent cloud applications, integrated cloud platform, open source platform for developers, ERP solutions and analytical tools which use machine learning algorithms to generate results. Oracle is also developing its capabilities in AI, machine learning, IOT, blockchain, human interface technologies all of which aimed to enhance customer capabilities so that they can develop their own innovative products and services. Oracle investment is huge in Research and development activities and it was $6.5 billion dollars in the year 2017. Oracle is on 4th Rank in Top IT companies in the world.

Revenue: $40.5 Billion

Net Income: $15 Billion

Rank 5. SAP

SAP has been able to successfully build its image as world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software related services.


It has an employee strength of more than 88,000 employees in more than 130+ countries and based on market capitalization, SAP is world’s third largest software manufacturer. SAP has more than 380,000 customers in over 170+ countries. SAP has strong history of technology innovation and it has always focussed on innovating new technology due to which it has developed 100+ innovation and development centre across the world. SAP is leveraging technologies like machine learning, Internet of things, blockchain, cloud and SAP HANA to solve various business problems across all industries and regions.

SAP HANA allows companies to integrate processes end to end and help them in enhance their business models in the way they actually want to create enormous amounts of value for its customers. For supply chain and logistics management, SAP was the first company to build ERP solutions and it always focussed on extending the business processes beyond the customer expectations. Through business collaboration and networking they are able to achieve massive scale and high market share. The company is thinking of migrating their 90% of SAP customers to their new platform by 2025. They want to eliminate paper-based processes and redundancy. They also aim to get a billion users of our cloud solutions and also they want half a million businesses of all sizes running SAP software so that they can defeat complexity and able to simplify their businesses. SAP is on 5th Rank in Top IT companies in the world 2021.

Revenue: $32 Billion

Net Income: $5.2 Billion

Rank 6. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been ranked as no. 1 Indian Multinational Information Technology (IT) firm which generate its revenue from various domains.

Image: company website

TCS has many functional domains like consulting, software development, infrastructure support and business process outsourcing and its headquarter is located in Mumbai, India. It comes under the world's top 10 largest IT services provider by revenue. As of 2017, it has also been ranked 10th in the Fortune India 500 list. It has various clients of different sectors like Banking and Financials, Consumer Goods and Distribution, Communication, Media & Technology, Energy- Resources and Utilities, Insurance, manufacturing, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Retail, Public services etc. It has surpassed Reliance industries by achieving Rs. 6.19 trillion market capitalization and has become the most valued firm of India. TCS is expanding its technology portfolio and is working on latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of things, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security. TCS is on 6th Rank in Top 10 Information Technology (IT) companies in the world 2021.

Revenue: $25 Billion

Net Income: $5.2 Billion

Rank 7. Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte is one of the largest professional services providers in the world with client across the globe with services ranging from management consulting to IT Tech consulting.

Each of network of member firms of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK based private company is commonly referred to as Deloitte. The global headquarters of the company are located in the New York City, US. The services provided by the company include consulting, audit, tax, financial advisory and enterprise risk. In fact Deloitte refers to the brand under which independent firms across the globe collaborate to provide the above mentioned services. It was also reported to have served the largest number of clients out of FTSE 250 companies in 2012 by Accountancy Age.

The origins of the company dates back to 1845 when an office by William Welch Deloitte. was opened in Basinghall Street in London. In 1896 Haskin & Sells, an auditing firm was formed in New York by Charles Waldo Haskins and Elijah Watt Sells. In 1898 Touche Niven was established which in 1947 merged with A.R Smart and an organization started by Geroge Bailey to form the Touche, Niven, Bailey & Smart. This organization created a separate management consulting function which was later named as Touche Ross in 1969. Also in 1975 Tohmatsu Aoki & Co., a Japanese firm joined the Touche Ross network. Touche Ross firm was merged with Deloitte Haskins & Sells and Deloitte & Touche was formed in 1989. It was finally in 1993 that the international firm was renamed as Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. This was done in order to use both of the names Deloitte and Touche and at the same time to reflect the contribution from Tohmatsu, the Japan based firm.

Deloitte being one of the biggest management consulting firms has considerable revenue from IT consulting and advisory making it one of the top IT companies in the world as well.

Revenue: $20.79 Billion (Consulting Revenue out of total revenue

Net Income: NA

Rank 8. Capgemini

Capgemini is one of the leading Information Technology (IT) companies in the world having a strong global presence.


The French company Capgemini, based out of Paris, has its global operations spread across more than 40 countries. The brand is a leader in IT services providing consulting, professional services, outsourcing etc., which is driven by more than 190000+ employee globally. Over the last few year, Capgemini is consolidated its position as a leading IT company by acquiring several other players in the industry. To name a few, the company has acquired iGate, Fahrenheit 212, LiquidHub-US etc in the last couple to years. All these acquisitions have helped the company have more business in IT, technology and strategy domains. Green IT is another business initiative of Capgemini which has put the company in the elite company of the top IT companies in the world. The company was formed in 1967 by Serge Kampf and has since then become one of the pioneers in the industry. In India, itself the company has over 100000 employees. With a consistent performance year after year the company has also been recognized by several awards from the likes of Gartner, Forrester, Backbase etc. Capgemini is on 9th Rank in Top IT companies in the world 2021.

Revenue: $ 20 Billion

Net Income: ~$1 Billion

Rank 9. Cognizant

Cognizant is one of the leading IT services companies which is helping clients' to transform their existing business, operating and technology models with the rapidly changing digital technology.


Cognizant is consistently able to maintain its ranking among the most admired and fastest growing companies in the world. Cognizant unique industry based consulting approach actually helping client to build more innovative and efficient businesses. It has its headquarter located in U.S. Cognizant is also the member of the Nasdaq and it is ranked 205 on the Fortune 500 ranking. The revenue of Cognizant is consistently growing and it has increased from $7.7 Billion to $13.5 billion currently. It has an employee strength of around 260,000 workforce by 2016. Cognizant is investing aggressively in digital services to enhance value for stakeholders or shareholders through high return of capital. Cognizant is helping banks revolutionize lending by assessing risk using predictive analytics by analysing customer’s financial history. Using advanced analytics tools, they analyze rich borrower data which helps banks to better predict a customer’s creditworthiness and take various informed decisions to lend money to those who have lower credit risk. It also help qualified individuals and businesses to get the desired financing. Cognizant is on 10th Rank in Top Information Technology (IT) companies in the world 2021.

Revenue: $ 18.5 Billion

Net Income: $2 Billion

Rank 10. DXC

DXC is an IT services provider which formed when the HPE merged its IT business with CSC.

Image: wikimedia commons

Found in 2017 as a merger between HPE & CSC, DXC technology has become one of the biggest IT companies in the world. As of today, the company has extensive operations in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company is driven by a strong workforce comprising of 120,000+ employees spread globally. The company offers important IT services across the Enterprise Technology Stack to drive businesses of several organizations. The company is a pioneer in for BPOs, analytics, engineering, apps, security, cloud, IT outsourcing etc. DXC has strengthened its position in the market by several acquisitions as well. Some prominent acquisitions are Tribridge, Molina Medicaid Solutions and Luxsoft. As a part of its marketing strategy, the company is actively involved as a sponsor in sporting events like motorsport & rugby.

Revenue: $17.7 billion

Net Income: 3.6 Billion

Ranking Methodology for Top IT Companies

1. The top 15 Information Technology (IT) companies in the world are considered

2. Parameters like revenues and profit margins are taken

3. Based on the revenues, the final ranking is created.

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