Top 10 Telecom Companies of the World 2018

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Telecommunication has seen a steady growth for the year with increasing penetration of services. With calls becoming unlimited & free, and data volumes surging, top telecom companies are in a growth phase. These companies are known for their best mobile network capabilities and services which makes the biggest in the telecom business. The highly growing telecommunications industry, consists of all Internet service providers and telecommunications/telephone companies. The list of Top telecom companies include AT&T, China Mobile, Vodafone, Verizon, Deutsche Telekom followed by Orange, Telefonica, America Móvil, China Telecom etc. All these compete in terms of network connectivity and customer satisfaction and high speed internet (4G, 5G). Here is a list of the top 10 telecom companies in world 2018.

Quick Glance :

Below are the biggest and top Telecom Companies in World 2018:

1st Place : AT&T

2nd Place : Verizon

3rd Place : China Mobile

4th Place : Deutsche Telekom

5th Place : Vodafone

6th Place : China Telecom

7th Place : America Movil

8th Place : Xfinity

9th Place : Telefonica

10th Place : Orange

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Top Telecom Companies 2018 with Ranking Parameter (Revenue, Net Income):

10. Orange

Orange S.A. is a French multinational telecommunications corporation formerly known as France Telecom S.A.


It was founded in 1994 and Orange has been their main brand across the offerings like mobile, landline, Internet and IPTV. Company was found in and is listed in Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index, and under the current leadership of Stephane Richard, Chairman & CEO Orange Group, company operates in 28 countries and operates as orange business services in 220 countries.

Company is mainly focused in Europe, Africa and Middle East continents. Group continues to focus on the deployment of 4G and fiber in European countries and generates 70% of their consolidated revenues there with 45% in France alone. Company has set a target of 95% 4G coverage in Europe by 2018. Another major market for Orange groups includes the 20 countries of Middle East and Africa. With presence of 4G in 10 countries, they serve more than 120 millions customers. Orange group has the market capitalization of 37.16 Billion Euros.

Orange group inaugurated Open IoT lab, the first European lab dedicated to the LTE-M network and Internet of Things in 2017.  Roll out of LTE-M technology brings the newer business use of Internet of things in terms of coverage, battery life and cost. Orange is in the leader position in the Green Quadrant® on Sustainable Telecoms in Europe for the third consecutive year in 2011. Orange Business Services was awarded for providing “World class” customer experience in 2012. According to the 13th edition of Ocean82 publication, the company has received world class perceived performance rating from its customers.

Revenue (in Million $): 50548.08

Net Income (in Million $): 2635.89

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