Top 10 Consumer Electronics Companies in the World 2018

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8. HP

This HP company was set up in a garage in Palo Alto by two people named William bill Redington Hewlett and David Packard.

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They initially produced few electronic test equipments for their initial clients. It was the world's leading pc manufacturer for around 7 years from starting from 2007, and later lenovo raced up against HP and took its place.

The company majorly focused on services like computing devices, software, printers, software services etc during its tenure. The company also got into the consulting business about it’s products. The marketing of HP was mainly focused on medium sized business, imaging products etc and therefore the marketing was online distribution, retail supplies, and also partnering with small software manufacturers. HP is one of the largest and top consumer electronics companies globally. The main products are cameras, calculators, printers, computers, laptops, scanners. The services mainly include consulting and support to IT infrastructure.

Sales revenue (USD Bn)- 52.05

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